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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Israel’s best weapon against Hamas: Giving the Arabs in Gaza hope

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: IDF Tank Corps Moving into Gaza

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site

IDF: Hamas has turned Wafa Hospital into a command center and a rocket-launching site. Hamas has fired at Israel and at IDF forces from the hospital. As a result, the IDF repeatedly conveyed warnings to the hospital staff and urged civilians to leave the area. Hamas continued firing from the hospital. In response, the IDF targeted specific sites and terrorists within the hospital grounds. Secondary explosions can be seen, confirming IDF intelligence about the site.

Hamas Refuses International Cease-Fire Efforts - Again

German Leaders Condemn Anti-Semitism at Anti-Israel Rallies (VIDEO)

Israel Rejects UNHRC Gaza Probe, Compares it to Goldstone Report

Senior Islamic Jihad Terrorists Injured in Ground Clashes

Transport Minister: Foreign Airlines 'Surrendering to Terrorism' (VIDEO)

Three IDF paratroopers killed in Gaza

The terrible cost of thwarting Hamas

Israel singles out Qatar as key Hamas terror sponsor

So much for Qatar being one of "the 20 most peaceful countries in the world". - Michelle

HURRAH for ‘blood-stained’ SHIRTS!: Daily Mail leads with ISM propaganda

Some Concrete Facts About Hamas: Guess how many skyscrapers the terror organizati could’ve built instead of tunnels - By Liel Leibovitz

Ban On Flights To Tel Aviv-->It's A Warning From Obama Not About Hamas Rocket - By Jeff Dunetz

Well-known Italian philosopher, Gianni Vattimo: 'I’d like to shoot those bastard Zionists' - Diplomacy and Defense

Italy’s most famous philosopher would like to personally kill Israelis and thinks Europeans should raise money “to buy Hamas some more rockets,” he recently said on the radio.

The Immigrant Soldiers Dying for Israel in Gaza

How the New York Times Provides Hamas Propaganda

Antidote to NY Times biased reporting: Images taken in Israel last week

Submitted by Ira L. Jacbson

​The  Israelis are a resilient and disciplined people. They , and their country will survive for the generations to come.
As the international media show only images from Gaza strip,
​ please find enclosed here some images taken in Israel during the last week.

Shelter in a small village in south Israel

House in Beer Sheba destroyed by a Grad rocket launched from gaza

Children in Tel Aviv durin a heavy rockets atack launched from Gaza

Family surprised by a rocket attack launched from gaza strip

Interception of M-75 rockets launched from Gaza by Iron Dome over Tel Aviv-ului - sunday

During an air attack launched from Gaza - a bus station in central Tel Aviv, yesterday

M-75 rockets launched toward Israel from near a mosque iin Gaza

Grad rochet launched toward Israel from Gaza residential quarters

M-302 heavy rocket launch toward Haifa from a school yard in Gaza

Monday in the Tel Aviv - Beer Sheba train  during a rocket attack launched from Gaza

Tuesday in Eilat, Red Sea

Hotel parking of Club Hotel, Eilat

Hotel in EIlat

Stairs of a big Tel Aviv Mall during a rocket attack launched from Gaza - Monday

Grad rocket launched from Gaza, falls in Ashdod, 50km south of Tel Aviv

Grad rockets launched from Gaza toward Ashkelon - saturday

Grad rocket launched from gaza hits an petrol station in Ashdod

A Grad rocket hit a carwash in Ashdod

An intercepted Grad rocket launched from Gaza toward Israel

A Grad rocket launch from Gaza toward south Israel

M-75 rockets launched from residential quarters of Gaza toward Israel

Tel Aviv - an elderly lady during a rocket attack launched from Gaza

Tel Aviv - drivers on Ayalon Highway during a rocket attack -


Son of Hamas Exposes the Truth about Islamic Extremism!

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: IAF Provides Air Support to Paratroopers in Combat

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: IDF Transfers Medical Supplies and Food into Gaza

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: IDF Thwarts Terrorist Infiltration to Israel

Twenty-Eight Attack Tunnels Exposed So Far

Netanyahu to Ambassadors: Stand Up to Hamas

Watch: Netanyahu Presents UN Chief with Hamas Rockets

Kuwaiti Cleric to Hamas: No Ceasefire Until They Bow Before Us

U.S. Lawmakers Broaden the Sanctions on Hezbollah

Army strikes 200 Gaza targets as ground units continue to destroy tunnels - By Yaakov Lappin

Prophetic voice or an unholy alliance? - By Yitzhak Santis

NGOs and UN Arab Bloc team-up for next "Goldstone" Mission - By NGO Monitor

B'Tselem's Expanding Credibility Gap - By NGO Monitor

Has Hamas ended the prospects for a two state solution? - By Alan M. Dershowitz

Berlin Protesters Chant: ‘Jew, Jew, Cowardly Pig, Come on out and Fight’ - By Yair Rosenberg

Shocking testimony from hospitalised IDF soldiers reveals extent of Hamas’ use of children as human shields.

Benjamin Netanyahu To John Kerry: 'This is Not Vietnam'

Ex-Israeli envoy to US: Clearly, Kerry was not invited for ceasefire talks

Top Nine Gaza Media Myths

Exclusive: US intelligence source claims Hamas has many more tunnels than Israel says By Ariel Ben Solomon

Hamas leader's son speaks the truth

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

UNRWA Admits Finding More Rockets Hidden in Gaza School; Second Time in a Week By Dave Bender

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: Blasts After IDF Strike Prove Hamas Used Tunnel for Terror

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: Terrorists Use Ambulance for Transportation in Gaza

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: Operation Protective Edge: Hamas Violates International Law

OFFICIAL IDF VIDEO: Wounded Golani Commander Returns to Troops

Heavy Rocket Fire on Central Israel

Hamas Pulling All the Stops to Kidnap a Soldier

EU Strongly Condemns Rocket Fire