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Thursday, April 24, 2014

U.S. Backs Israel's Move to Cancel Talks with PA - By Elad Benari -- Even Leftist Ministers May Agree to Stop Talks - By Gil Ronen

Egyptian Spokesmen: Put Treaty With Israel to a Referendum - By Elad Benari

Air Force Strikes Gaza as Hamas, Fatah Sign Unity Deal - By AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff

Will Jews Invite the Fox Into the Hen House?

Alan Dershowitz Introduces "The J Street Challenge" Feb. 17th Miami Beach Florida


Received by email from Dan Friedman

"The fact that the “major American Jewish organisations  are considering J Streets’ application for membership reveals J Street’s gall while exposing mainline Jewish leaders’ weakness and drift to the anti-Zionist left. Indeed, J Street has already passed a milestone by being allowed to knock on the door. If they don’t get into “the big tent” this year, they know now it’s only a matter of time. Worse still, nothing on the horizon suggests this trend won’t continue and get worse. I know, it’s a gloomy picture, but there is still reason to take heart. The Jews of Israel have grown stronger at the very same time American Zionists Jews have been overrun. Although America’s Jews are acting like it’s 1940, in 2014 there is something new under the sun. The balance of power in the Jewish world has shifted to Israel, and Israel has no intention to commit suicide." - Dan Friedman, NYC

Dear Fellow Pro-Israel Activists:
On Wednesday April 30th (next week!), at 3:30 p.m. at the Conference's office at 633 Third Avenue, Manhattan, the 50 member organizations of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations (the “Conference”) will vote whether the extremist, virulent anti-Israel group J-Street will become a member of the Conference.
The 18 bullet points below demonstrate why the anti-Israel J-Street lobby must not be permitted to join the Conference of Presidents.   Also here is a link to the J-Street Exposed website:  The website spells out J-Street’s shocking anti-Israel activities, positions, funding and associations, and includes the “follow the money” video clip from a new movie about J-Street (produced by Charles Jacob’s organization), a video of Professor Alan Dershowitz condemning J-Street, and other helpful resources and information.  In addition, here is the link to the Zionist Organization of America’s report on how J-Street repeatedly sides with Israel’s enemies:
We need your help!  Here is a link listing the 50 member organizations of the conference:  A list of the member groups and their top executives is also below (after the bullet points).  Please look at the list of member organizations of the Conference.  If you are a member of any of these groups, or a contributor, friend or acquaintance of anyone in these member organizations or a related organization (for instanceif you are a member of a Conservative Synagogue, please contact the Conservative movement groups listed below), please call and write to those groups immediately, and ask them to vote against J-Street becoming a member of the Conference of Presidents.   If you reach anyone at these member organizations, please let Liz know the outcome.
Please let us know if you need any further information.
Many thanks for your help!
Best regards,
Morton Klein
National President, The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)
Elizabeth (Liz) Berney, Esq.
Director, ZOA’s Exposing J-Street Project
cell: 917 687-8233

Why J-Street Must Not Be Permitted to Join The Conference of Presidents Of Major Jewish Organizations
1.     J-Street’s activities since its inception directly conflict with and undermine the Conference of Presidents’ stated missions of “mobilizing support to halt Iran’s nuclear program,” “counter[ing] the global campaign to delegitimize Israel and the Jewish people,” “bolster[ing] Israel’s security” and combatting terrorism and anti-Semitism.
2.     J-Street lobbies against sanctions and against military action to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  J-Street works closely with NIAC (National Iranian American Council), an apparent agent of the Iranian regime.  A NIAC board member is a significant J-Street donor.  J-Street conference speakers include NIAC head and leading Iran apologist Trita Parsi, and Hillary Mann Leverett, who condemned as “fundamentally racist” anyone who did not “trust” the Iranian regime.  J-Street likewise urges U.S. Congresspersons to simply “believe in Iran.” 
3.    J-Street U (J-Street’s campus arm) sponsors anti-Israel events on American campuses throughout the country that demonize, defame and delegitimize Israel and the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).   Prof. Alan Dershowitz states that J-Street has “made a generation of Jews ashamed to be pro-Israel.”  J-Street U brings to campuses speakers and events by the anti-Israel NGO “Breaking the Silence” (BtS), which falsely accuses the IDF of war crimes and brutal treatment of Palestinian Arabs.  (At these one-sided J-Street U sponsored BtS events, students who served in the IDF and experienced the IDF’s humane treatment of Palestinian Arabs are forbidden from speaking out to correct the false BtS presentation.)  J Street U also arranged talks by former Gaza UNRWA director John Ging, who promotes political warfare against Israel and supports pro-Hamas flotillas.  J Street U also promotes the NIF-funded Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement (“SJSM”), which opposes the idea of Israel as a Jewish homeland, collaborates with the anti-Israel global BDS movement, defames Israel as a “fascist state,” and talks about victories over “cowardly Zionists who are perpetrating an apartheid state and ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem,” and urges liquidation of the Jewish Agency and the Jewish National Fund. At a J Street U sponsored campus event, the Sheikh Jarrah’s founder declared “Jerusalem is a symbol of evil.”  J Street U also presents the NIF-funded B'Tselem, which provided false information defaming Israel in the Goldstone report, whose chair Oren Yiftachel, calls for "effective sanctions" against Israel, and supported the Palestinian "right of return" (which means the destruction of the Jewish state), and whose CEO Jessica Montell promotes calling Israel an “apartheid state.”
4.   J-Street promoted and disseminated the Goldstone Report, which falsely accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza.  J-Street also introduced members of Congress to Mr. Goldstone, to further propagate these false accusations against Israel.  A J-Street official ghost-wrote Goldstone’s letter criticizing a Congressional resolution that condemned the Goldstone report.  J-Street took no corrective action when Goldstone recanted much of his report.  Instead, J-Street continues to make false accusations regarding Israel’s actions in Gaza, further undermining and delegitimizing Israel and the Jewish people.
5.      J-Street lobbied to have President Obama vote for an anti-Israel U.N. resolution.
6.      J-Street portrays Israel as the "oppressor" and the Palestinians as the “oppressed,” and likens the IDF to Hamas.  (See J-Street’s 2011 Conference "Giving Voices to our Values” video, reproduced at "J Street and the Jewish War Against Israel," by Caroline Glick)
7.      J-Street is part of an interconnected web of extremist organizations working to delegitimize Israel.  J-Street pays tens of thousands of dollars (including $56K in one 6-month period) to Ben Or Consulting, a PR and strategy company founded by and still co-owned by J-Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami.  Ben Or created, consults for and coordinates the activities of extreme anti-Israel NGOs operating in Israel, which invent and disseminate false accusations against Israel and the IDF. 
8.     J-Street conferences promote BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel, with speeches by top BDS promoters Mustafa Barghouti and Rebecca Vilkomerson, and other leading BDS speakers.  J Street U likewise brings BDS promoters to speak at American college campuses throughout the country.  BDS’s goal is to destroy Israel by dividing, delegitimizing and economically suffocating Jews and Israel.
9.      J-Street-PAC works for and raises millions of dollars to elect anti-Israel U.S. Congresspersons.  J-Street-PAC also works for and raises millions of dollars to defeat Israel’s best friends in the U.S. Congress.  Egregiously, J-Street sent out direct mail against Israel’s best friends in the U.S. Congress, and accused Israel’s best friends in government of harming Israel’s security.  J-Street’s funding and campaigns have in fact unseated prominent Congresspersons who were Israel’s staunchest supporters. 
10.   J-Street supports and promotes placing U.S. pressure on Israel to retreat to the indefensible 1949 Armistice lines (the pre-1967 “borders,” which Abba Eban called “Auschwitz lines”), divide Jerusalem, and overrun and destroy Israel with a Palestinian Arab “right or return.” 
11.   J-Street conferences support worldwide "Lawfare" and "Courtroom Intifada" against Israel (bringing legal actions against Israel and Israeli officials).  J-Street conference speakers include the legal representative of virulent anti-Israel NGOs, and of a Canadian lawsuit seeking a judicial declaration that Israel is guilty of committing "war crimes" and that Israel's security barrier is illegal. 
12.   For years, J-Street lied that it was not supported by viciously anti-Israel billionaire George Soros (who wrote about himself “I am not a Zionist”).  It was not until a newspaper obtained J-Street’s 2008 tax return, that J-Street was forced to admit that anti-Israel Soros donated $750,000 to J-Street in 2008-2010.  In addition, a substantial portion of J-Street’s funding comes from Muslim and Arab individuals and leaders who are hostile to Israel, and a mystery foreign donor living in Hong Kong who gave over $800,000.  Would such individuals give to J-Street if J-Street was truly pro-Israel?
13.  J-Street falsely accuses Israel of killing Palestinian civilians.  For instance, in March 2012, J-Street lied that “Israel Defense Forces… have killed over a dozen Palestinian civilians.”   After it became clear that J-Street’s statement was false, J-Street then stated that it “misstated the number of civilian casualties,” still leaving the false impression that Israel caused some unspecified number of civilian casualties. In fact, no civilians were killed in the Israeli operation, which took place in the Gaza strip controlled by the terrorist group Hamas. The 16 “Palestinians” killed were all anti-Israel terrorists (10 from Islamic Jihad, 6 from "Popular Resistance Committees").
14.   J-Street officials and conference speakers condemn the very creation of Israel as “wrong” and “unjust.” 
15.   J-Street’s extreme anti-Israel activities have caused noted liberal Congresspersons to publicly disassociate themselves from J-Street, including former liberal Democratic Congressman Gary Ackerman.  Numerous liberal U.S. Senators and Congresspersons have asked J-Street to remove their names from J-Street’s host committee, including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR).  Likewise, prominent Israeli left-wing Knesset members such as MK Shneller (Kadima party) condemn J-Street.
16.   J-Street never praises Israel.  None of J-Street’s press releases since J-Street’s inception praise Israel, and virtually all of J-Street’s press releases criticize Israel (confirmed by Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz’s analysis).  J-Street does not support Israel regarding the Iran threat or on any other issue.  J-Street virtually never condemns the Palestinian Authority for inciting terror and its other anti-Israel activities.
17.   J-Street is a pro-Palestinian group that deceptively masquerades as pro-Israel.  Alan Dershowitz says that J-Street’s pro-Israel claims constitute "fraud in advertising." Admitting J-Street to the Conference of Presidents would give credibility and legitimacy to J-Street’s deception and egregious anti-Israel pro-Palestinian activities.
18.  Even if one supports a large tent, we all agree that not every group belongs in a large tent.  J-Street’s extreme anti-Israel actions clearly place J-Street outside a “large tent.”   Alan Dershowitz sums it up:  “J Street has harmed Israel more than any American organization.”
Conference of Presidents 50 Member Organizations:
AMEINU (formerly Labor Zionist Alliance), (212), Pres. Kenneth Bob, CEO Gideon Aronoff
AMERICA-ISRAEL FRIENDSHIP LEAGUE, (212), Chair Kenneth Bialkin, Acting Executive Director Daniella Rilov,
AIPAC (AMERICAN ISRAEL PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE), (202) 639-5200,, Pres. Robert Cohen, Exec. Dir. Howard Kohr
AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE, (212), Pres. Stanley Bergman, Exec. VP  David Harris
AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS, (212), Pres. Jack Rosen Exec. Dir. Robert Kesten
AMERICAN SEPHARDI FEDERATION, (212), Pres. David E.R. Dangoor, Exec. Dir. Lynne Winters
AMERICAN ZIONIST MOVEMENT, (212), Pres. Rabbi Vernon Kurtz, Exec. Dir. Karen Rubinstein
AMERICANS FOR PEACE NOW, (202), Chair James Klutznick, CEO Debra DeLee
AMIT, (212) 477-4720,, Pres. Deborah Isaac, Exec. VP Andrew Goldsmith
ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL), (212) 885-7700,, National Chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher, National Director Abraham Foxman
ARZA, (212) 650-4280,, Chair Rabbi Bennett Miller, Pres. Joshua Weinberg
B'NAI B'RITH INTERNATIONAL, (202) 857-6600,, Pres. Allan Jacobs, Exec. VP Daniel S. Mariaschin
BNAI ZION, (212) 725-1211,, Pres. David Eisenberg, EVP Jack Grunspan
CAMERA, (617) 789-3672,
CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS, (212) 972-3636,, Pres. Rabbi Richard A. Block, President, Exec. VP Rabbi Stephen A. Fox,
DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION FOR ISRAEL / STATE OF ISRAEL BONDS,  (212) 644-2663,, Pres & CEO Izzy Tapoohi, Exec. Dir. Fred Zeidman,
EMUNAH OF AMERICA, (212) 564-9045,, National Pres. Fran Hirmes, Exec. Dir. Carol Sufian
FRIENDS OF THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES, (212) 244-3118,, Arthur Stark, Nily Falic, Nat’l President, Mjr. Gen. Rsv. Yitzhak J. Gershon, Nat’l Director
HADASSAH, WOMEN'S ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA, (212) 355-7900,, Pres. Marcie Natan, Exec. Dir. Janice Weinman
HEBREW IMMIGRANT AID SOCIETY, (212) 967-4100,, Chair Dale Schwartz, Pres. & CEO Mark Hetfield
JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS ASSOCIATION, (212) 532-4949,, Chair Stephen P. Seiden, Pres. & CEO Allan Finkelstein
 JEWISH COUNCIL FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS, (212) 684-6950,, Chair Susan Turnbull, Exec. Dir. Rabbi Steve Gutow
JEWISH FEDERATIONS OF NORTH AMERICA, (212) 284-6500,, Chair Michael Siegal, Pres. & CEO Jerry Silverman
JEWISH INSTITUTE FOR NATIONAL SECURITY AFFAIRS, (202) 667-3900,, Chair Michael Nachman, Exec. Dir. Michael Makovsky 
JEWISH LABOR COMMITTEE, (212) 477-0707,, Pres. Stuart Appelbaum, Exec. Dir. Rita Freedman
JEWISH NATIONAL FUND, (212) 879-9300,, Pres.  Jeffrey Levine, President, EVP Russell F. Robinson
JEWISH WOMEN INTERNATIONAL, (202) 857-1300,, Chair Kim Oster-Holstein, Exec. Dir. Loribeth Weinstein
MERCAZ USA, THE ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT, (212) 533-2061,, Pres. Janet Tobin, Exec. Dir. Rabbi Robert Golub
NA'AMAT USA, (212) 563-5222,, Pres. Liz Raider, Exec. Dir. Susan Schwartz
NCSJ: ADVOCATES ON BEHALF OF JEWS IN RUSSIA, UKRAINE, THE BALTIC STATES & EURASIA, (202) 898-2500,, Chair Stephen M. Greenberg, Pres. Aleksander Smukler, Exec. Dir. Mark Levin
NATIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN,  (212) 645-4048,, Pres. Debbie Hoffman, Exec. Dir. Nancy K. Kaufman
NATIONAL COUNCIL OF YOUNG ISRAEL, (212) 929-1525,, Pres. Farley I. Weiss, Exec. Dir. Rabbi Perry Tirschwell
ORT AMERICA, INC., (212) 505-7700,, Pres. Linda Kirschbaum, Exec. Dir. Alan Klugman
RABBINICAL ASSEMBLY, (212) 280-6000,, Pres. Rabbi Gerald Skolnik, EVP Rabbi Julie Schonfeld
RABBINICAL COUNCIL OF AMERICA, (212) 807-9000,, Pres. Rabbi Leonard Matanky, Exec. VP Rabbi Mark Dratch
RELIGIOUS ZIONISTS OF AMERICA, (212) 465-9234,, Pres. Rabbi Yosef Blau, Chair Martin Oliner
UNION FOR REFORM JUDAISM, (212) 650-4000,, Chair Stephen Sacks, Pres. Rabbi Rick Jacobs
UNION OF ORTHODOX JEWISH CONGREGATIONS OF AMERICA, (212) 563-4000,, Pres. Martin Nachimson, Exec. Dir. Rabbi Steven Weil,
UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF CONSERVATIVE JUDAISM, (212) 533-7800,, Pres. Richard Skolnik, EVP & CEO Rabbi Steven Wernick
WIZO, (212) 751-6461,, Founding Pres. Evelyn Sommer, Co-President Gail Perl, Co-President Jana Falic
WOMEN OF REFORM JUDAISM, (212) 650-4050,, Pres. Blair Marks, Exec. Dir. Rabbi Marla Feldman
WOMEN'S LEAGUE FOR CONSERVATIVE JUDAISM, (212) 870-1260; 1-800-628-5083,, Pres. Rita Wertlieb,, Exec. Dir. Sarrae Crane
WORKMEN'S CIRCLE, (212) 889-6800,, Pres. Robert A. Kaplan, Exec. Dir. Ann B. Toback
WORLD ORT USA,, Pres. Dr. Jean de Gunzburg
WORLD ZIONIST EXECUTIVE USA, (212) 339-6000,, Chair Kalman Sultanik, Representative of the World Zionist Organization Executive in North America Dr. Simcha Leibovich
ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA, (212) 481-1500,, Pres. Mort Klein, Exec. Dir. David Drimer

Premiere of the new film exposing J-Street:

Islam’s Religious War with Everyone - by Daniel Greenfield

DePaul students offended by my comments about Palestine walk out - By Allen West

Pity the Palestinians? Count Me Out - By NORMAN PODHORETZ

Anti-Israel BDS Resolutions Seize Campuses in Ontario, Canada - by Christine Williams

World powers must reject Iranian offer By Amos Yadlin

Hezbollah's unsuccessful revenge By Dr. Ronen Bergman

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If you read this post, then you belong with other friends of Israel…

… in front of Zabar’s at 5 PM today to counter a leftwing hate group attempting to coerce Zabar’s into dropping sales of Soda Stream products made in Israel.

Call on Zabar’s to Stop Selling SodaStream

Is Israel racist? South African leader's wife, Lydia Meshoe, relates 1st-hand experience

US to Revoke Aid to PA Over Threats to Dismantle?

Anti-Israel Groups Shout Hate Slogans Outside Toronto Consulate

Gaza Rocket Narrowly Misses Sderot Synagogue

The Changing of the Guards at Celebrate Israel Parade

Hundreds protest 'price tag' attacks in Umm al-Fahm By Hassan Shaalan

There are plenty of 'price tag' attacks against Jews. This is retaliation, so deal with it! - Michelle,7340,L-4511683,00.html

Tangerine Dream to perform in Israel By Margarita Erbach

US Supreme Court to look at 'born in Jerusalem' passport case

How the British Eliminated the Intifada of 1936-1939 (2005) By Zeev Galili

Monday, April 21, 2014

IDF Stories: The Bedouin Tracking Unit

April 21, 2014: Arabs and Jews riding together on a ferryboat leaving from the Port of Jaffa

Jews and Arabs waiting to board the ferryboat - Photo by Michelle Cohen
Photo by Michelle Cohen
Sitting at the front of the ferryboat - Photo by Michelle Cohen

All in the Family: BDS Protests Zabars; Carole Zabar Promotes BDS

From Chicago to Dimona: African Hebrew Israelite Proudly Serves in the IDF

Jordan is Israel’s Only Defensible Eastern Border By Maj. Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan

Fatah celebrates suicide terrorists who killed 8 and wounded over 100 by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Salafi Kuwaiti MP Justifies Business Ties with Israel

Open letter to the Presbyterian Church USA from an Iraqi Jew

The real demographic balance between Israelis and the Arabs. By Dr. Guy Bechor

Sunday, April 20, 2014

To all our Christian friends…

Report: Israel Asks Thailand to Step Up Security After Threats

Hamas Praises Deadly Shooting in Hebron

How U.S. Foreign Policy Went Wrong and Why

Thousands of Christians Participate in Jerusalem Holy Fire Ceremony

Zionist ‘immortal’ elected to Academie Francaise By Joseph Strich

Moses in human rights garb By Steve Apfel

Arabs aim wrath at minister who condemned Passover murder of Israeli

The Mideast War Here at Home: Is this anti-Semitism - practiced by Jews?

By Andrea Peyser
April 18, 2014 | 3:13am

Scarlett Johansson in a Super Bowl ad for SodaStream.
Photo: Splash News
Is this anti-Semitism - practiced by Jews?

On April 8, five days before rabid Jew-hater Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., 73 - also known as Frazier Glenn Miller - allegedly shot dead three people outside two Jewish-run facilities in Kansas (the victims were two Methodists and a Catholic), then was seen on TV shouting "Heil Hitler" from the back of a police car, New York's guardians of the Hebrew faith geared up for battle.

But the targets of Jewish ire were not Ku Klux Klan members or neo-Nazis. They were fellow Jews.

Some 200 people demonstrated in front of the Midtown offices of the Jewish-run nonprofit UJA-Federation of New York. They were furious that members of several left-leaning Jewish organizations were invited by sponsors to march in this year's 50th annual Celebrate Israel Parade (formerly called the Israel Day Parade). The June 1 event is expected to draw some 35,000 revelers set to march up Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.

Members of the lefty groups are no better than Jew-bashers, protesters argue. That's because they support the boycott of products manufactured in Israel's West Bank, whose ownership is claimed by Palestinians.

"Many of these 'Jewish groups' are financed by anti-Semites, anti-Israel [factions] and Jew haters,'' Rabbi Elie Abadie, MD, of the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue on the Upper East Side, alleged in an open letter to the heads of the UJA-Federation and the New York Jewish Community Relations Council, which organize the parade. "Their sole mission is to delegitimize and demonize the state of Israel until its extinction.''

"In relation to this recent incident in Kansas, violence against Jews is an outgrowth of hatred and dehumanization of Jews,'' Beth Gilinsky, founder of the National Conference on Jewish Affairs, told me.

It can't be denied that Jews are targeted for violence in this country at an alarming rate. The most recent FBI statistics reveal that out of 1,340 hate crimes against members of religious groups in 2012 - from verbal harassment to physical assaults - 62.4 percent of the victims were Jewish. Compare that to Muslims, who made up just 11.6 percent of hate-crime victims that year.

Of course, not everyone is as brave as Scarlett Johansson.

The sultry Jewish actress won international condemnation - and my deepest respect - when she refused to withdraw from her role as brand ambassador for SodaStream, drink-carbonation devices, which are made in a factory on Israel's West Bank. Instead, she resigned as global ambassador of Oxfam International, a humanitarian organization that's hostile to Israel's West Bank presence.

"I remain a supporter of economic cooperation and social interaction between a democratic Israel and Palestine," the 29-year-old star of "The Avengers'' said in January.

"SodaStream is a company that is not only committed to the environment but to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, supporting neighbors working alongside each other, receiving equal pay, equal benefits and equal rights.''

Go, ScarJo!

Leaders of the organizations identified as hostile to Jewish interests maintain that they are not enemies of the faith.

Nathan Hersh, acting executive director of Partners for Progressive Israel, agreed that his nonprofit human-rights group seeks a boycott of products made in the West Bank. But he insisted that his group does not support the international BDS - boycott, divestment and sanctions - movement, which seeks to end all investment in Israel and halt the importation of all Israeli products. Naomi Paiss, vice president of public affairs for the New Israel Fund, told me that her organization, which supports equal rights for everyone in Israel, also does not stand behind BDS. But, "we do oppose the occupation'' by Israel of areas that she said were seized from Palestinians. B'Tselem, a human-rights group, was also blasted for failing to stand by Israel.

Richard Allen, founder of ­, which monitors treachery by Jewish groups, thinks it makes little difference whether boycotters claim only to reject West Bank products - any boycott hurts Israel.

Reject anti-Semitism.

Be like Scarlett Johansson.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Palestinian Authority Flags Replace Israeli Flags in Tel Aviv

PA Official: Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is 'Fantasy'

Syrian Airstrikes Close to Israeli Border

Report: Hezbollah attack on Israeli tourists in Bangkok thwarted

Liberman slams EU's Ashton for remarks on Israeli measures against the Arabs

Freed terrorist: Israel interfered with my stamp-collecting

American-Israeli relations: US still Israel's best friend but no longer country's only friend