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Friday, November 28, 2014

UCLA Donor Reverses Decision To Pull Funds After Administration Bucks BDSe to Chancellor's rejection of divestment resolution - by Pardes Seleh

Congressman Henry Waxman, State Senator Ted W. Lieu, and State Senator-Elect Ben Allen Condemn BDS Vote By UCLA Student Government - by Pardes Seleh

'F*** You, Zionist Scum': Pro-Israel Cornell Students Brutally Shouted Down (VIDEO) - by Caleb Howe

Arab Preacher At Al-Aqsa Mosque: May Allah Annihilate America And Its Coalition (VIDEO) - by Jeff Dunetz

UCLA Chancellor Rejects Divestment From Israel - by Daniel Mael

How Israel 'Stole' The Arabs' Christmas Wish List This Holiday Season - by Yehuda Remer

Major UCLA Donor Pledges to Pull Funds If Administration Backs BDS - by Pardes Seleh

Second UCLA Donor Pledges Funding Cut If Administration Doesn't Condemn BDS - by Pardes Seleh

Yale Professor Claims Historical Justification for Jerusalem Terrorist Attack - by Daniel Mael

UCLA Pro-Israel Student Groups Surrender to Divestment - by Truth Revolt

UCLA Students Vote to Divest From Israel Hours After Synagogue Massacre - by Jeremy Boreing

Anti-Semitism Returns To UCLA - by Daniel Mael


Obama helping terror go nuclear - by Noah Beck

200 Israeli Salons Participate in Major Hair Donation Drive for Cancer Patients - by Anav Silverman

Israeli Seeking Papal Backing for Major Regional Conference, Including Netanyahu, Abbas, Iran‏ - by Dave Bender

Israeli Dismissed From U. Minn Post by BDSers Vows to Overturn Ruling (VIDEO) - by Dave bender

(VIDEO) Herods king of judea tomb - ה ר ו ד י ו ן אחד המבנים המרתקים בעולם

The Truth About Israel’s Jewish State Law - by Seth J. Frantzman

Thursday, November 27, 2014

(VIDEO) ISRAEL- Thru My Eyes - by Shoshana Productions

Minnesota Univ. Student Official Compares Group Backing Israel with KKK - by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

What Does Ferguson Have to Do With Israel? - by Yonatan Gordon

Exposed Hamas Terrorist Cell a ’Drop in the Bucket’ - by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

Op-Ed: Why Judaism is compatible with democracy - by Rachel Avraham

IDF goes into high alert on Syrian border - by Yael Klein

Preserving Ben-Gurion’s legacy in the Negev - by Eitan Arom

Arab attacks condemned by foreign parliamentarians - by Gil Hoffman

Housing Minister pushing to allow Gazans to work in Israel - by Niv Elis

WATCH: Recycling Video Goes Viral in Israel

Respect, Please!

New bill could force MKs to swear loyalty to 'Jewish state' - by Moran Azulay

Major Hamas Plot to Attack Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium Thwarted - by Uzi Baruch and Ari Soffer

Father of Murdered Druze Officer Visits Har Nof Synagogue (VIDEO) - by Hezki Ezra, Ari Yashar

Armed Gazans Fire at IDF Jeep, None Hurt - by Gil Ronen

Senegalese Imams Visit Yad Vashem - by Cynthia Blank

Judea-Samaria Leaders Urge More Funds for Rock-Proofing Cars - by Shlomo Pyotrkovsky and Cynthia Blank

Israeli Left Wants Communist/Socialist Dictatorship - by Batya Medad

When a Top Cop Plays Politician - by David Rubin

SJP, foot soldiers in the int'l campaign against Israel - by Tammi Benjamin

IDF Engineering Chief: No Hezbollah Tunnels Under Lebanon Border - by Yaakov Levi

Hamas Bans Israeli Fruit Imports to Gaza - by Elad Benari

Arab Media Calls Har Nof Terrorists 'Victims' - by Uzi Baruch, Cynthia Blank

Palestine Solidarity Campaign: now their website makes their objectives clearer* - by Edgar Davidson

Knesset holds heated debate over Tel Aviv ‘Nakba’ film festival - by Niv Elis

(VIDEO) My Trip to Israel 2014 - by Geoff Fagien

Affirmative Action Looting - by Steven Plaut

The Peace Train Has Left the Station - by JoeSettler

A Personal IDF Story That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine - by Ari Fuld

Arab Charged with 3 Arson Attempts at Hadassah Hospital, Where He Worked

News Brief: 3 Gazans Caught in Israel