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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jerusalem in a Nutshell

The Arab Endgame?

The "terror ‎wave" - You reap what you sow

Methodist Church Hosts Propagandist for the Arabs

Why the BBC is biased against Israel

'Ya'alon Has Gone Mad'

Netanyahu refuses to lift freeze

New York Times writes that there are no Israeli victims of Arab terrorism

(MUST READ) The Stranger

Mahmoud Abbas Calls for Murder and the Arabs Attack

Netanyahu Folds to US on Judea-Samaria Building Freeze

Bon Jovi in Israel: History at Yarkon Park

In Latest Blow to BDS Movement, Delta Adds Israel Flights

We get it, Obama

Jihadist Jew-Hunting in Jerusalem and Shomron

Netanyahu says that Israel in a fight to death against Arab terrorists.

Israel eager to put rift with Obama over Iran deal in past, Netanyahu says

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Empathetic Jon Bon Jovi dedicates song ‘We Don’t Run’ to Israel

After stabbings, police bar Arabs from Old City

Hotovely Confronts Jordanian Foreign Minister at UN

Fatah unit claims responsibility for murder of Israeli couple

Book Review: The Myth of the Deir Yassin Massacre, reviewed

Book: The Birth of a Palestinian Nation

Teva Naot: the rise of Israel's largest shoe manufacturer

'We are not neutral': Angela Merkel on Israeli-German relations

Poverty in PA occupied Judea and Samaria? Facts Belie Rhetoric on PA Economy

Very interesting.  

I believe that if individual members of the P.A. leadership were compelled to truthfully disclose their actual personal financial status and the source of this affluence, there would be an immediate and abrupt end to their global financial support, to the B.D.S. movement, and to international pressure on Israel to make peace with their fictional/spurious state.

If… - Ira L. Jacobson

Time to Deport the PLO from Israel

When terrorism is personal

For the first time, anti-Israel feeling on Campus

Israeli Jews answer hate with love

Suddenly I heard my children scream

Malaysian Premier Invokes Torah Wisdom to Attack Israel in UN Speech

Amnesty International Defends Arab Who Uses His Children to Provoke Israeli Soldiers

Can the Henkins rest in peace?

Temple Mount: Kid Mumbles Prayer, Gets Arrested With Terrorists

Friday, October 2, 2015

(PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO) Courageous Egyptian Peace Activist, Ahmed Meligy, speaks about the Holocaust and Israel

Ahmed Meligy: "I promise from my heart that I will always tell the tale. I will always tell the truth as I saw it...I want to tell the Israelis, please stop saying Israel has the right to exist because Israel EXISTS. It's on the map, you cannot wipe it off and it's the safe haven and the last resort for the Jews around the world who are suffering from the anti-Semitism and racism everywhere they go, simply because they are Jews. So Israel EXISTS!"


Israel at UN- Benjamin Netanyahu- Full Speech

Netanyahu Pauses Dramatically to Stress Horror of World Silence in Face of Iranian Threats Against Israel (VIDEO)

Benjamin Netanyahu at UN: Don’t Sweep Iranian Threat Under the Rug

Israeli Couple Killed in Front of Their Four Children in Drive-By Terror Attack

Israeli Parents of Wounded Infant Recount Harrowing Ordeal of Arab Rock Attack

Israeli Border Policewoman’s ‘Courageous’ Handling of Palestinian Rioter Goes Viral

Israeli Baby Injured in Latest Arab Rock Attack

Star of David causes stir at Serbian pride parade

Berkeley, Bazian, and Barghouti promote BDS

Israel has some true friends in Europe

Delegation of foreign lawmakers: 'Anti-Israel boycotts violate international trade laws'

Abbas, call us when you're serious

Incitement is a weapon

Two Israeli firms sign cumulative $923 million deals