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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hamas Demolishes 3,000 Year Old Gaza Harbor To Build Terrorist Training Camp

And then they wonder why Israel refuses to lift the blockade on Gaza. - Michelle

Source: Frontpage Mag
By Daniel Greenfield 

Once upon a time, Joni Mitchell sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Islamists however pave over everything in their quest to kill as many non-Muslims as possible to get to paradise.

Anthedon Harbor is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It started as a Phoenician harbor and became a major site during the Roman occupation. Unfortunately that means it predates Arab settlements and despite feeble attempts to associate Anthedon Harbor with the Muslim occupation, it had as much to do with them as the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria did, which a greedy Muslim ruler stupidly tore down in the search for gold.
Muslim conquerors wrecked the Pharos Lighthouse and tried to turn it into a mosque, as they have tried to turn every major historical structure built by the civilizations they overran and destroyed into mosques. And now they’re bulldozing Anthedon Harbor to make a terrorist training camp. There’s plenty of open land in Gaza to use to set up a bunch of tires and Jewish targets, but Islamists believe in destroying past history, especially anything predating Islam for the same reason that Orwell’s Oceania did. Read more...

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