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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Israel's Natural Gas Is a Game Changer

Source: Received by email from Dan Friedman, NYC

"From a friend in Israel. This should please anyone who wants more “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel. Heh." - Dan Friedman

"In April, two months from now, (officially announced a month ago), the TAMAR gas field comes on line with its 16 inch pipeline, high pressure. All infrastructure is in place and tested.  At this point Israel will be far less vulnerable energy wise.  This field hold reserves calculated to last from over 50 years to a century.

All Electric Power Stations will then work on natural gas and a significant number of core industries will follow.Consumers will have to wait a year or less to be linked through distribution lines.

In 2014, LEVIATHAN, the economic zone huge gas and oil field comes on line for local consumption and reserves storage. A 30 inch trunk line is being laid in the Haifa region. We saw today the pipes being set up and welded. Foreign sales would commence in 2015. Shale oil would commence to flow in 2016. For consumption.  Sales would start if all goes well, in 2018." - S

"What’s new under the sun? History has never seen a phenomenon like this before. A strong, self-sufficient Israel, not only independent but overflowing with riches that will have mankind beating a path to her door. No wonder the Beinarts, T. Friedmans and other crypto-Israel haters are in a frenzy here and around the world. What’s developing in Israel is like showing Dracula a cross. To them I say “get used to it.” The genie is out of the bottle and there’s no putting him back now." - Dan Friedman, NYC

A friend who’s a friend of my friend in Israel writes:
The same friend is in a position to know that there is a bullet train being built from Eilat to Haifa and then up to the Golan Heights. It is not being built by an American contractor. America has no high speed trains. It is being built by a Chinese contractor. Israel has bought new jet trainers, not from the US, but from Italy, with Israeli components, which means that Israeli pilots will be learning to fly planes that are not of American manufacture(r). The oil and gas fields are not being developed in cooperation with US companies. In the end, it may very well be Russian that participates in the development of those fields. There is more daylight developing, which will come to light as time goes on. Israel is hardly isolated, contrary to what some jackasses believe and American ability to pressure Israeli isolation will lessen as Obama takes America down and as Israel's pursuit of alternatives proceeds and Israel's energy potential grows. [Jack]

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