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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hamas Terror Offices in Jerusalem Shut Down

Source: Arutz Sheva
By Chana Ya'ar

Israel's Border Police tracked down and closed two offices in Jerusalem this week that were found to belong to the Hamas terrorist organization.

Both were located in the ancient City of David (Silwan) neighborhood.

One of the offices allegedly raised money for “charity.” The other ostensibly housed the activities of a “soccer team.”

The offices were closed for a minimum of 30 days.

"This is part of the Israeli policy to prevent any Hamas activity inside Jerusalem,” said Israel Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld.  “Over the last year we've closed down altogether 10 buildings in connection with Hamas activities,” he noted.

He added the closures were viewed as part of routine Israeli law enforcement in the city of Jerusalem.

The Kingdom of Jordan is also continuing its policy not to allow Hamas officials to open offices in the Hashemite kingdom, despite a recent visit by Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal.  The politburo chief was expected to arrive in Iran, the group's generous patron, on his region-wide tour by Monday.

Florida Primaries: Gingrich vs. Romney on Israel - JCC In Manhattan Promoting Anti-Israel Propaganda to Delegitimize Israel

Source: Arutz Sheva
By David Rubin

For those pro-Israel Americans who are still on the fence about which candidate to support in the Republican primaries, this particular American-Israeli would like to briefly scan some of the nuances on the campaign trail.

With the notable exception of Congressman Ron Paul, who has harshly criticized Israel’s treatment of our Hamas-supporting neighbors in Gaza as being “like a concentration camp”, the contenders for the nomination have been considered to be staunchly pro-Israel. All support a strong stand against Iran, including the potential use of military force to end Iran’s race to develop nuclear weapons, but are the candidates really all on the same page on the main issues that concern Israel?

Let’s examine the record. The differences become clear when they discuss “the Palestinians” and the so-called peace process.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Rick Santorum, whose campaign has been struggling recently, was questioned by a young voter about the Palestinians right to an independent state in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Santorum responded sharply, saying, “There is no Palestinian people” and defending Israel’s right to call as its own land won in a defensive war (The 1967 Six Day War).

Similarly, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has referred to the Palestinians as “an invented people” that was never a nation, and, elaborating on this at an ABC News debate added, “Somebody ought to have the courage to tell the truth. These people are terrorists. They teach terrorism in their schools. They have textbooks that say 'if there are 13 Jews and 9 Jews are killed, how many Jews are left?' We pay for those textbooks through our aid money. It’s time for somebody to say:  enough lying about the Middle East.”

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is on record defending Israel’s right to decide how to negotiate and has said that all disagreements between Israel and the United States should be discussed in private. He also has criticized President Obama for “throwing Israel under the bus” (a nice cliché) and said, “I will stand by our friend Israel” (another nice cliché).

In the most recent debate in Florida, Romney criticized Obama for failures in the peace negotiations, but didn’t criticize the so-called Palestinians. In that same debate, Gingrich blasted the Palestinian leadership for enabling and/or allowing continued rocket attacks and pledged that on his first day in office, he would issue an executive order moving the Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The differences between the two leading candidates are actually fairly substantial. Romney has made quite a few positive statements about the importance of the USA-Israel relationship, but has been carefully avoiding taking positions that might change the “land for peace” process (actually - land for a meaningless piece of paper) and the status quo of the “two-state solution” or that might offend the Palestinian Authority. Furthermore, Romney was quite critical of Gingrich for making his “invented people” statement, saying that we shouldn’t “get ahead of our ally Israel.”

After years of American pressure, much of Israel’s leadership is endorsing suicidal positions that would hand over its strategic heartland, in which most of the biblical sites are located, to the Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihadists for an independent state. Is Romney suggesting that a true friend should let its ally commit suicide?

On the other hand, Gingrich has, on several recent occasions, taken bold, right-of-center positions on the Middle East that often defy the status quo, sending the clear message that his actions as president would be based on a historically-correct vision of peace through strength and Israel’s right to its biblical heartland.

The irrational need to adhere to the ridiculous land for “peace” mantra that has never worked should be carefully reexamined by all the presidential candidates. Newt Gingrich has taken a giant step in that direction and he is to be highly commended for it.

Media Advisory
January 30, 2012
JCC In Manhattan Promoting Anti-Israel Propaganda to Delegitimize Israel
The series of bash Israel propaganda videos called "Home Front" will be shown by the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, a NY based group created to hold the JCC in Manhattan accountable, is condemning the JCC which once again is promoting and partnering with political groups that delegitimize Israel. The political film group "Just Visions," responsible for the "Home Front" video series, uses film to portray Israel as a racist nation.  The Just Vision films invoke hatred for Israel & Israelis with biased Palestinian oriented narratives. Their previous propaganda films included statements such as " One Nation, Fatah, Hamas and the Popular Front", clearly a biased Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel message. 
Richard Allen, Founder of, stated: " The JCC in Manhattan has a choice, they can offer a balanced program that educates on the historical and complex problems facing all the people who live in Jerusalem, or they can show biased propaganda that inflames emotions against Israel and the Israeli people.  They have made their choice by offering a film series that portrays a vile, caricature of Israelis which serves to delegitimize Israel. The JCC program is presenting a totally unbalanced and inflammatory series of videos which will foster hatred against Israel. The program is intended to indoctrinate and recruit the Jewish Community to weaken its support for Israel.  Jewish Community funds should not be used for this divisive purpose.  We urge everyone to raise your voices and call the JCC director, Rabbi Joy Levitt, and the JCC board and request that they stop promoting anti-Israel events with Jewish Community money provided by the UJA-Federation."
Richard Allen continued, "It is not surprising that the UJA-Federation is funding these bash Israel programs. Published reports show that the UJA-Federation's  Chief Executive Officer, John Ruskay worked with Noam Chomsky in one of the first political bash Israel groups;  CONAME (Committee On New Alternatives In The Middle East).  The reports stated the group CONAME specialized in attacking Israel. The Community must make its voice heard by calling and writing The UJA-Federation and the JCC in Manhattan and demand that Jewish Community funds not be used for these divisive purposes."
Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Avenue (at 76th Street)
New York, NY 10023 Tel: 646-505-4444
Rabbi Joy Levitt, Executive Director
Alice Gottesman, President
Marti Meyerson, Chair
Lisa Kiell, Secretary
Andy Arno, Treasurer
Tracey Appelbaum              Andy Appelbaum                  Halle Benett
Judy Bernstein Bunzl          Nick Bunzl                             Franklin Z. Davidson
Susan Falk                            Edward J. Falk                      Michelle Feig
Jeff Feig                                Gary Geiman                         Michelle Gill 
Brian Davis                            Jeffrey R. Gural                    Harold R. Handler
Peter A. Joseph                    Julia Kaufman                      Peter S. Kolevzon
Faye Koschitzky                  Sheila Lambert                     Heidi Lurensky
Hanno D. Mott                       Bernard M. Plum                   Steven N. Rappaport
Scott Romanoff                    Abby Rothschild                   Elizabeth H. Scheuer
Carolyn S. Schwartz            Shirley Silver             Barbara Benenson Warren
Marc Warren                         Debra Wasserman               Jason Glasser
Carolyn Weinberg                Yaron Werber                       Carole Zabar
Tell John Ruskay and Jerry Levin of the UJA-Federation of New York:
NOT ONE DIME to Legitimize the De-legitimizers of Israel!
Call and write the Board of the UJA-Federation of New York
Tell the UJA Federation you do Not want your Jewish Charity Dollars Going to support John Ruskay's Political Agenda
Phone: 212-980-1000
Email the UJA-Federation CEO John Ruskay:
Email the UJA- Federation President Jerry W. Levin:
Visit on Facebook
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Praising the Murders of the Fogel Family on PA TV - Mocking the Fogel Murders

PA TV: Mother of Fogels' Murderer Sends her Love

Source: Arutz Sheva
By Gil Ronen

Twice this week, Palestinian Authority official television broadcast warm greetings from the mother of Hakem Awad, who butchered five members of one family, to her son. The mother, as well as an aunt of Awad, spoke by telephone on "For You," a show that specializes in messages to terror prisoners, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

Hakem Awad's mother explained that she could not visit her son "for security reasons," and the show's hostess replied – "go ahead, my sister, we can transmit your voice."

The mother greeted her "dear son" and specified that he was serving five life sentences for the "Itamar operation" – a home invasion in last year in which Hakem Awad and a cousin murdered a father, mother and three children aged 11, 4 and two months.

Hakem Awad's aunt also went on air and greeted "the hero, the legend," Hakem Awad. The hostess joined the greetings and said: "We also say hello to them."

Other members of the Awad family mentioned by the Awad women assisted in the murders and in covering up evidence. 

Mocking the Fogel Murders

Source: Arutz Sheva
By Irwin Graulich

How dare Israel keep the Fogel family murderers alive until they die of old age.

Rafah residents in Gaza handed out candy and danced when the news was announced. In the middle of the night of March 11th, 2011, 2 Arab brothers from the West Bank village of Awarta, entered an Israeli residence and proceeded to slit the throat of a 3 month old infant--Hadas Fogel, after which they viciously stabbed to death her 3 year old and 11 year old brothers--Elad and Yoav--who were all sleeping at the time. 
The two killers immediately ran to the parents bedroom, where their knives continuously tore apart the bodies of both parents--Ehud and Ruth Fogel, who both hopelessly tried to fight back. The men responded by shooting Ruth in the head, while her husband lay on the floor, bleeding to death.

During their interrogation, the 2 West Bank brothers, Hakim and Amjad Awad proudly admitted to the murders in graphic detail, and even added that "had they known there were 2 other children asleep in the home, they would have stabbed them as well."

The Awad's even enjoyed telling their story and emphasized that they would get great pleasure in doing it all over again. Although Israeli politicians and justices were not happy about the recent verdict, they did not act much better than the sick Gaza residents.

Israel, home of the Jewish people and the Bible, has tossed that incredible moral guide into the dustbin of history. The secular, socialist, anti-religious Founders of the Jewish state have adopted their own self-made morality, punishing these 2 subhuman Arab monsters with an immediate free pass to play soccer, lift weights, get 3 Halal meals a day, free health care, cable tv, an exercise facility and some of the latest books and magazines from the prison library.

While the brothers are entertaining themselves to their heart's content, although within an Israeli prison, the 3 surviving Fogel children will be living with these horrible memories for the rest of their lives. So will Israeli society and all decent people worldwide. Prison isn't great...hey, but it sure beats the death penalty. 

The joke is that Hakim Awad's actual sentence was "5 life sentences." Now is that not severe, deserved  punishment by a wise (sic) Israeli justice system? What a slap in the face for that 3 month old baby and her 2 brothers. Why didn't the brilliant justices of Israel give them 100 life sentences? What does that even mean--5 life sentences? It pokes fun at the punishment because that sentence can never be carried out, and makes absolutely no sense.

Israel's justice system and punishment is modeled after the morally bankrupt European system which forbids capital punishment. It is the American system that is based on true Torah principles. While Israeli justices and government officials ignore the Torah, America still holds Jewish values very dear.
The ONLY law that is represented in all 5 books of Moses (the Torah) is capital punishment for murder. Texas and most other states have it right.

It is the liberal/leftist progressives with their obsession to keep evil people alive, who are hurting society. Their 4 basic arguments are all totally flawed--
1) an innocent person may get executed,
2) killing the murderer will not bring back the dead person,
3) capital punishment is state murder,
4) minorities are disproportionately executed.
These are all straw man arguments and can easily be dismissed.

How dare Israel keep the Fogel family murderers alive until they die of old age. However, this is what happens when secular Jewish fools ignore God's wishes because they think those antiquated rules were arbitrarily made up by some primitive Jewish committee 3500 years ago.

Israel has become morally akin to Europe and Scandinavia, where Norway's morality will, in all likelihood, be giving a maximum of 21 years punishment to Anders Breivik for recently murdering 69 people--which works out to approximately 2 1/2 months per person murdered. So a life in Norway is worth 2 1/2 months!

If the death penalty is illegal in Israel, how come Adolf Eichmann was executed, even though he never personally murdered anyone? He was the numbers guy during The Holocaust. Were Jews in 1939 any more valuable than the Fogel family? If you say it is because it is 6 million versus 5 deaths you are entirely wrong because according to Judaism, every life is an entire world.

6 million worlds were ended during The Holocaust and 5 worlds were ended on March 11th, 2011--both equally deserving the death penalty for what they did to totally innocent, decent people. 

Therefore, on this issue, it is America who has now become "A Light Unto The Nations," while Israel is actually no better than the rest of the world.


Column One: The Zionist Imperative

Source: Jerusalem Post
By Caroline B. Glick

We must hope that world Jewry will recognize today that the fate of the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world is indivisible. By Ariel Jerozolimski European and American perfidy in dealing with Iran’s nuclear weapons program apparently has no end. This week we were subject to banner headlines announcing that the EU has decided to place an oil embargo on Iran. It was only when we got past the bombast that we discovered that the embargo is only set to come into force on July 1.

Following its European colleagues, the Obama administration announced it is also ratcheting up its sanctions against Iran... in two months. Sometime in late March, the US will begin sanctioning Iran’s third largest bank.

At the same time as the Europeans and the Americans announced their phony sanctions, they reportedly dispatched their Turkish colleagues to Tehran to set up a new round of nuclear talks with the ayatollahs. If the past is any guide, we can expect for the Iranians to agree to sit down and talk just before the oil embargo is scheduled to be enforced. And the Europeans – with US support – will use the existence of talks to postpone indefinitely the implementation of the embargo.

There is nothing new in this game of fake sanctions. And what it shows more than anything is that the Europeans and the Americans are more concerned with pressuring Israel not to attack Iran’s nuclear installations than they are in preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Obama has a second target audience – American Jews. He is using his fake sanctions as a means of convincing American Jews that he is a pro-Israel president and that in the current election season, not only should they cast their votes in his favor, they should sign their checks for his campaign.

Both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak were quick this week to make clear that these moves are insufficient. They will not force Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program. More is needed.

As to American Jewry, the jury is still out.

In truth, American Jewry’s diffidence towards taking a stand on Iran, or recognizing Obama’s dishonesty on this issue specifically and his dishonesty regarding his position on US-Israel ties generally is not rooted primarily in American Jews’ devotion to Obama. It isn’t even specifically related to American Jewry’s devotion to the political Left. Rather it has to do with American Jewish ambivalence to Israel.

The roots of that ambivalence – which is shared by other Western Jewish communities to varying degrees – predate Obama’s presidency.

Indeed, they predate the establishment of the State of Israel. And now, as the US and the EU have given Iran at least another six months to a year to develop its nuclear bombs unchecked, it is worth considering the nature and influence of this ambivalence.

Today’s principal form of Jew-hatred is anti- Zionism. Anti-Zionism is similar to previous dominant forms of Jew hatred such as Christian anti-Judaism, xenophobic and racist anti- Semitism, and Communist anti-Jewish cosmopolitanism in the sense that it takes dominant, popular social trends and turns them against the Jews. Anti-Zionism’s current predominance owes to the convergence of several popular social trends which include Western post-nationalism, and anti-colonialism.

The problem that anti-Zionism poses for American Jewry is that it forces them to pay a price for supporting Israel. This is problematic because Zionism has never been fully embraced by American Jewry. Since the dawn of modern Zionism, the cause of Jewish self-determination placed American Jewish leaders in an uncomfortable dilemma.

UNLIKE EVERY other Diaspora Jewish community, the American Jewish community has always perceived itself as a permanent community rather than an exilic community. American Jews have always viewed the United States as the new Promised Land.

With the formation of the modern Zionist movement in the late 19th century, American Jews found themselves on the horns of a dilemma. Clearly, the state of world Jewry was such that national self-determination had become an existential necessity for non-American Jews.

But while supporting Jewish refugees and a scrappy little country was okay, support for the Zionist cause of Jewish national liberation involved an acceptance of the fact that Israel – not the US – is the Jewish homeland. Moreover, it involved accepting that there are Jewish interests that are independent of – if not necessarily in contradiction with – American interests. For instance, irrespective of the prevailing winds in Washington, and regardless of whether the US supports Israel or not, it is a Jewish interest that Israel exists, thrives and survives.

In a recent op-ed in Haaretz, Hebrew University political science professor Shlomo Avineri contrasted world Jewry’s massive mobilization on behalf of Soviet Jewry in the 1970s and 1980s and their relative silence today in the face of Iran’s Holocaust denial and open calls for the annihilation of the Jewish state. Avineri is apparently confounded by the disparity between Western Jewry’s behavior in the two cases.

But the cause of the disparity is clear. Supporting the right of Soviet Jews to emigrate was easy. Unlike Israel, Soviet Jews were powerless.

As such, they were pure victims and supporting them cost Diaspora Jews nothing in terms of their position in their societies. Just as important, the cause of freedom for Soviet Jewry was perfectly aligned with the West’s Cold War policies against the Soviet Union.

The frequent Jewish demonstrations outside Soviet legations provided Western leaders with another tool to fight the Cold War.

In contrast, supporting Israel, and the cause of Jewish freedom and self-determination embodied by Zionism, is not cost-free for Diaspora Jews. At root, to support Israel and Zionism involves accepting that Jews have inherent rights as Jews. To be a Zionist Jew in the Diaspora means that you embrace and defend the notion that the Jews have the right to their own interests and that those interests may be distinct from other nations’ interests. That is, to be a Zionist involves rejecting Jewish assimilation and embracing the fact that Jews require national independence and power to guarantee our survival. And this can be unpleasant.

PRO-ISRAEL AMERICAN Jews have historically tried to tie their support for Israel to larger, more universal themes, in order to extricate themselves from the need to admit that as Jews and supporters of Israel they have a right and a duty to support Jewish freedom even if it isn’t always pretty. Again, for Israel’s first several decades, it was about helping poor Jews and refugees. In recent years, the predominant defense has been that Israel deserves support because it is a democracy.

Certainly, these are both reasonable reasons for supporting Israel. But neither support for Israel because it was poor nor support for Israel because it is free is a specifically Zionist reason for supporting Israel. You don’t have to be a Zionist to support poor Jewish refugees and you don’t have to be a Zionist to support democracy.

You do have to be a Zionist however, to defend the Jews in Israel and throughout the world in a coherent manner when the predominant form of Jew-hatred is anti-Zionism.

You have to be willing to accept and defend the right of the Jewish people to freedom and self-determination in our national homeland against those who deny that right. You have to be a Zionist to defend Israel’s right to survive and thrive even though it is no longer poor and its democratically elected government is not liked by the Obama administration.

And you have to be a Zionist to realize that since Jewish survival is dependent on Jewish power, and anti-Zionists reject the right of Jews to have power, that anti-Zionists seek to bring about a situation where Jewish survival is imperiled.

The weakness of American Jewry’s response to Iran’s genocidal intentions towards Israel is of a piece with its weak response to the forces of anti-Zionism generally and to Jewish anti- Zionists particularly. Since 2007, the US government has effectively ruled out the use of force against Iran’s nuclear weapons program and embraced a policy of pursuing negotiations with ayatollahs while enacting impotent sanctions to quell congressional pressure. At least in part, this policy is due to the US’s assessment that a nuclear Iran does not pose a high-level threat to US national security.

Both then-president George W. Bush and later Barack Obama determined that an Israeli military strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons program does pose a high-level threat to the US. As a consequence, both administrations have taken concerted steps to prevent Israel from attacking Iran.

On the merits, both of these policies are easily discredited. But the fact that they continue to be implemented shows that they are supported by a large and powerful constituency in Washington.

To oppose Iran’s nuclear program effectively, American Jews are required to oppose these strongly supported US policies. And at some point, this may require them to announce they support Israel’s right to survive and thrive even if that paramount right conflicts with how the US government perceives US national interests.

That is, it may require them to embrace Zionism unconditionally.

No doubt, if they do so, their own conditions will improve. They will finally be able to speak coherently against the gathering forces of anti-Zionism – both from within the Jewish community and from without. This in turn will act as a lightning rod for inspiring American Jews to embrace their Judaism.

With their leaders having abjectly failed to contend with the most powerful form of Jew-hatred, it is no wonder that so many Diaspora Jews are leaving the fold. If they reverse course and go after their attackers, American Jewish leaders will give community members a meaningful reason to proudly embrace their identity.

In a speech this week at the Knesset, Netanyahu explained the different lessons the Holocaust teaches the international community on the one hand, and the Jews on the other.

As far as its universal lessons are concerned, Netanyahu said, “The lesson is that the countries of the world must be woken up, as much as possible, so that they can organize against such crimes.

The lesson is that the broadest possible alliances must be forged in order to act against this threat before it is too late.”

As for the Jews, Netanyahu embraced Zionism’s core principle: “With regard to threats to our very existence, we cannot abandon our future to the hands of others.
“With regard to our fate, our duty is to rely on ourselves alone.”

We must hope that world Jewry will recognize today that the fate of the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world is indivisible and rally to Israel’s side whatever the social cost of doing so. But even if they do not recognize this basic truth, the imperatives of Zionism, of the Jewish people, remain in place.