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Monday, November 19, 2012

Pallywood Milking Children to Death

By Michelle Cohen

In this series of staged photos, Pallywood does a fantastic job at exposing "Jewish soldiers" using "Jewish mortars" with "Jewish airstrikes". Notice that no child has a name and no child has a before photo with the exception of one. There are no dates, no specific locations, no full story, just slogans.

Perhaps some of those photos will be recycled for the current war on Gaza, Pillar of Defence.

Good job, Pallywood, but not good enough to fool a trained eye. 

Source: The Union of Islamic World Students

The Israeli regime is brutally murdering everyone in Gaza including men, women and specially children.

Small Palestinian children burning to death, following the phosphor explosives bombardment by Jewish soldiers on their school.

Why were children in school during war and direct airstrikes? Didn't their mothers worry?
Rather than trying to put out the fire, a photo was the first thing that came to mind.  One child is already "burnt" but his legs are propped up as though he is resting, whilst the other is still in full flames. Not very likely!

Palestinian women protesting against the Jews' deliberate targeting of children and families.

Any particular or logical reason why men are not targeted?
Of course not! Particularly because Muslim men in Gaza have children with up to four wives. If reducing birthrate was the goal of the IDF, it would make more sense to target more men, so less babies would be born. 

A Palestinian child with all his limbs blown off, most likely by a DIME explosive fired by Jewish soldiers. These are experimental explosives created by the US and likely sold to Israel. They create violent short-range explosions with this effect. How would you feel if this were your child?

If you saw a dead baby on the ground, would you continue walking or just watching from a distance, particularly in this condition?

Severed head of a 4-year-old Palestinian "terrorist" buried in rubble after an air attack by Jewish forces in Gaza.

The child is supposedly buried in rubble, but look at the fresh earth around the child's head.

Two dead Palestinian children, one burned to a crisp by phosphor, the other blown apart by a grenade or DIME bomb fired by Jewish soldiers.

 Perfectly clean rubber gloves over two children who were "burned to a crisp." Where are the ash or blood stains on the gloves? Why are the clothes only shredded and not "burnt to a crisp" as well? Notice only the faces are supposedly "burnt". The faces have totally different colours. So which is it, dark brown or grey? 

A Palestinian father, carrying his dead child after another Jewish air attack. Note the child's left side, arms and legs, and part of his head, all blown away by another DIME weapon. Who are the "terrorists"?

 "Dead child" with his head still upright? Why are there no blood stains on the father's jacket? Instead, it looks more like mud stains. Why is the father's image in perfect focus whilst the child is blurred? There would be blood stains on the jacket if the father picked up the child from the ground and held him against his jacket. There would be blood gushing if part of the head was missing. His face would not simply be ash grey. 

A dead Palestinian child, shot in the face by a Jewish soldier - who was sentenced to 49 days in jail for "violating rules" on killing children - i.e. being photographed while doing it.

Who are the people standing there? Why is the child on the floor? Why is there no hole in the face, but only dry "blood"? Why was he photographed from a distance with the face conveniently out of focus? Why was the gunshot not photographed up close?

Carried by her grandfather, a dead Palestinian child, with her legs blown off by a Jewish mortar during Operation "Cast Lead" in Gaza.

A "dead girl" with her arm still erected? Her arm should have been dropped for full effect! Nice try! There is no blood dripping from the fake "blown off" legs. Legs cannot be "blown off" if the sweatpants are still on. The pants would have to be "blown off" as well.

Another beautiful Palestinian baby killed when Jewish soldiers shelled his home in the middle of the night.

The baby is simply sleeping. Notice that only two tiny little stains were placed on the face with a quick touch of the fingertip in order not to wake up the baby.

A Palestinian father mourning his dead child, only weeks old, shot dead by a Jewish soldier.

 New born "shot dead" by "Jewish soldiers", but the father is perfectly unharmed. He is wearing traditional garb from Pakistan. This pose was not shot in Gaza, but in Pakistan. There are no Pakistanis living in Gaza.

Another 2-year-old Gaza child with his body blown to bits.

Could it be the same prop that was used in a previous photo?

A 10-year-old Palestinian child shot and burned to death by Jewish soldiers - punishment for "throwing stones".

Notice that his entire body seems to be "burnt". Was he walking around naked?

If you found your child dead, shot in the head by a Jewish soldier while playing outside your house, would you want to retaliate and become a "terrorist" too?

No, I would make sure my child is not playing outside during a war. There is "blood" only on the face but not on the clothing. Instead, the clothes are stained with muddy water and then shredded.

A Palestinian child with his head blown away by a Jewish military high-powered weapon. Do you think this father wants retaliation? Would that make him a "terrorist"?

Why is the blood only on the sweater and not dripping from the head? This is clearly a mask. The hair is caked with mud, not "blood". That is quite obvious because it is brown, and not red. There is absolutely no blood on the mask, which was brushed with grey powder. A mask can be made in any way, including with holes. It could even be a rubber form made to look like a head and then placed on a mannequin. There is not enough blood gushing out of the hole in order to justify the sweater that is completely drenched with fake blood. The biggest indicator here is the fact that, if supposedly the blood was real, the blood on the sweater would be the same colour as the blood on the hair. Blood turns brown everywhere at the same time.

A dead Palestinian child, shot in the head by a Jewish soldier.

If he's dead, why is his arm not dropped? The "Father's" hand would have to be tight around the upper arm just below the shoulder in order to support the arm that is along the side of the body, but in this shot, it is not. If the hand that is carrying is placed by the child's armpit, as is the case here, the child's arm would be dropped vertically.

This beautiful baby was shot in the heart by a Jewish sharpshooter. Note how carefully he centered his aim.

There is no hole, just a black stain. Where is the blood dripping from the wound? Notice the stains on the face. If he was shot in the heart why is there "blood" on the side of his head?  If a tender baby was shot that close up, there would be more than just a little hole. The entire chest would be blasted open. 

A little Palestinian girl shot in the head by a Jewish soldier. She died soon after this photo was taken.

Notice the arm of the man pressing hard against the child in order to hurt her so she will cry.  She is clearly trying to remove his arm. There is only blood on one side of her jacket, but not on the other. She was "shot in the head" but the blood is running down her leg and there are no blood stains on her skirt.

Lying in a bloodied schoolyard, this is all that's left of a 4-month-old Palestinian girl whose body was blown away. How would you feel?

I would feel that this is a lie because "4-month-old" babies do not usually attend school. Check out the size of that sneaker; that was one big "4-month-old". The body seems to have "evaporated", but the clothes are still there. 
Wicked Witch of the West, anyone?

Group prayers for Palestinian children and babies killed by Jewish soldiers in Operation "Cast Lead". Do you think these parents were terrorists before these killings of their children? Do you think they are now?

Do you think those are really babies? Not likely! With the exception of two, the proportions indicate otherwise.

An 8-year-old Palestinian boy shot in the head by a Jewish soldier. The child died, of course. How much longer will you keep silent about the atrocities committed by the Jews in Israel? How much longer?

Perfectly clean rubber gloves, no blood stains on the sheet under the head. Can anyone tell what "the paramedic" is actually doing? Where is the life support?

A Palestinian father carrying his dead terrorist child, shot in the head and throat by Jewish soldiers. How much longer will you remain silent?

The "terrorist child's" arm is not dropped.

A 10-year-old Palestinian boy shot in the head by a Jewish soldier. Who are the terrorists? Why do you support Israel?

Not enough blood on his clothes or on the arm. The child's arm and sleeve are totally different colours from the child's face and jacket. Notice the watch on the right arm. Where is the sneaker coming from? His knee would have to be against his chest.

A Palestinian father with his son, shot in the head by a Jewish sniper, while playing on the roof of his house. Do you think this man will become a "terrorist" now? Would you?

Why is a child allowed to play on the roof during war? Why is there no "blood" on the sheet? Why is there no "blood" dripping from the wound? Why is the blood only on the corner of the cloth and not on all of it? Is the child still alive? Look at his hand. What are the men in the back doing? Why is there "blood" on one hand (of the father) and not on the other? Why is the "blood" on the hand dry if the blood on the cloth is still fresh?

A grieving father, carrying his horribly phosphor-burned child. If this were your child, what would you do?

Notice the arm and upper torso have no "burns" at all, only the face stomach and lower legs. How is that possible? A bandage was wrapped around the arm that has no "burns" and the rest are left exposed.

Another group funeral for Palestinian children killed when Jewish soldiers shelled their homes. Israeli Jews killed hundreds of Palestinian children during their Operation "Cast Lead". Most were targeted killings, not "collateral damage".

This one pretty much speaks for itself. No one is crying, except for the man closest to the camera. The rest look like they are waiting for a soccer match to begin.

A Palestinian child burnt to a crisp by the Jews' use of phosphor in Gaza. This is what Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Ethan Bronner of the New York Times, calls "humane and appropriate" treatment of children in Palestine.

Perfectly clean rubber gloves and sheets with no ash stains, in what appears to be a hospital room, even though the "child is burnt to a crisp". Why would anyone take a child to the hospital after the child has been burnt to death?

A Palestinian baby girl, burned to a crisp and with her limbs blown away by a Jewish soldier firing phosphor explosives. Who is the "terrorist here?

Could this possibly be the same prop as above, with the arm that is "burnt to a crisp" in a different position?

As his father attempts to shield him, Jewish soldiers shoot at 12 year old Mohammed Al Doura. He was killed shortly after this photo was taken.

Ah, the famous Al Doura Hoax

A father rescuing the dead body of his 2-year-old child, whose lower limbs have been blown off, by a Jewish DIME explosive.

Could it be the same prop, but this time, with clothing? Arm supposedly digging, but no rubble indicating that the prop was dug from under. "Blown off" with no blood? No blood anywhere? Impossible!

A Palestinian father, carrying his 4-year-old child, shot in the head by a Jewish soldier who was "only following orders".

Shot in the head with no blood on the cloth, and just a small dry stain of blood on the sweater? If he was just shot, the blood would be fresh. Why is his stomach and butt exposed?

Palestinian children killed when Jewish soldiers shelled their home with artillery. The pregnant wife died, too.

Why is there dry blood smeared on the children's faces and on the cloth with fingerprints?

A Palestinian father, grieving over the bodies of his three children, killed when Jewish soldiers fired tank rounds into their home.

It is interesting how only children are targeted, but not the parents. Only the fathers are present for these staged photos, but never the mother. If the target was children, would it not make sense to also kill the parents so they won't reproduce?

There are dry "blood stains" only on the child closest to the camera, but not the other two. The centre child has a perfectly white bandage wrapped around his head, though he has been "shot in the head".

A beautiful Palestinian baby, shot in the head by Jewish soldiers. The child is dead. How much longer will you remain silent? If you're Canadian, send this page to Stephen Harper so he can see what it means to be "Israel's best friend in the world"

Notice the brush-strocked "blood stains" on the side of the face, and what appears to be a perfectly clean bandage, with the exception of some brown stains. Absolutely no "blood stains" on the sheet.

27 December. Amid thousands of images of civilian casualties of the Jewish airstrikes in Gaza, the solemn stare of one child appears to have stood out more than any other. Newspapers and broadcasters across the world selected the image of a young girl looking into a camera lens outside the Shifa hospital hours after a Jewish air strike.

 A girl's "blood stained" face is a different colour from the "blood stains" on the hand that is holding her, and a spot of fresh blood on the gauze next to her face. Different shades of "blood" at the exact same moment? Not possible!

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