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Friday, November 16, 2012

Barzilai Hospital Begins Treating Wounded and Declares State of Emergency

Source: Mr. Ashkelon
By Motti

Barzilai Medical Centre in Ashkelon has begun treating injured victims of rockets fired by terrorists from Gaza. A Hospital spokesman has confirmed that up to 11 injured have been brought to the hospital including a small child whose fingers were blown off as a result of an exploding rocket.

Barzilai Medical Centre is the central facility to treat patients from the local and surrounding area. A steady stream of ambulances have been arriving. A spokesperson from the hospital said ‘Today, November 15, Ashkelon is under rocket attack.  The sounds of the siren and the explosions of rockets, both landing and being shot out of the sky, are constant.  Our doctors, meanwhile, remain at their posts currently treating 11 injured citizens who have been brought to our Emergency Department, including children.  Their injuries are serious to moderate.

Work on reinforcing the roofs of our hospital departments has never been more crucial.  Our need for support and help from friends such as yourselves is not only a matter of life and death for our many patients but is also so important for our psychological well being.  To know that you are there for us in times such as these is heartwarming.’

Despite the large number of rockets being fired into southern Israel, most people are remaining calm and the Iron Dome defence system has successfully destroyed dozens of rockets that would otherwise have landed in residential area.

From around 8.00 am this morning terrorists fired multiple rockets at Ashkelon and other cities including Ashdod and Kiryat Malachi where 3 people were killed and a child injured.

Meanwhile, the IDF is continuing it’s Pillar of Cloud offensive to remove the threat of rocket fire and take out terrorists who want to kill and maim Israeli citizens.

Source: Mr. Ashkelon
By Motti

Barzilai Hospital has declared a State of Emergency in response to the ongoing situation in southern Israel.  In a statement, a spokesperson said ”We are in the process of evacuating 60% of our patients and only the most critically ill are remaining at the hospital.  Our operating theatre staff are similarly operating on the most urgent cases only.  Some of the hospital’s staff are remaining at their posts and have moved into sheltered areas.  As schools in the area have been closed, those children who have accompanied a parent working in the neonatal and paediatric departments, which are remaining open, are similarly taking shelter in designated areas.  The IDF is helping hospital staff with the evacuation.”

Doctors in the Emergency Department, meanwhile, remain at their posts and are currently treating 11 injured citizens who have been brought to our Emergency Department, including children.  Their injuries are serious to moderate.

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