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Sunday, November 18, 2012

ATTENTION: An Important Message from Ben-Gurion University in the Negev - Canadian Associates of Ben-Gurion University’s Answer to Terrorist Rocket Attacks

Source: Ben-Gurion University in the Negev 

Nov 17, 2012

  On Sunday November 18, 2012 there will be no classes held as well as any academic, social or any other activity. All staff and students are requested not to come to the campuses in Beer Sheva.
Regarding the rest of the week, you are kindly requested to get updated on the University's website, e-mails and the media on Sunday, November 18, 2012, in the evening.
Please note –
  1.     These instructions do not refer to the campuses in Eilat and Sede-Boqer where the activity carries on as usual.
2.     Sede-Boqer workers, who do not live in Beer Sheva are requested to come to work.

  Emergency telephone numbers and updated information regarding University activities:
1.     BGU Security Department 08-6461555, 08-6461888
2.     Home Front Command 1207

Source: Canadian Association  of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Help Protect Ben-Gurion University

Dear Friends,

As it starts getting colder and we start to see some snow, our thoughts often turn to making charitable donations before the end of the year to be included when submitting our tax returns for 2012.

In the past, The Canadian Associates of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (CABGU) received support through the collection of annual membership dues. This approach is no longer consistent with charitable governance in Canada nor with the goals and strategies of CABGU as we strive to support the University.

During the past year, southern Israel has absorbed quite a few thousand rocket, mortar and missile strikes emanating from Gaza. BGU’s main campus in Beer-Sheva is within range of these weapons and some have fallen very close to the campus. In late October rockets reached the Beer-Sheva area, and in March of this year, the start of a new school term had to be delayed due to the frequency of attacks in the area.

The campus has grown significantly in recent years and is occupied most hours of the day by over 20,000 people. The Israel Defence Forces Home Front Command’s sirens and alerts warning people to enter and leave bomb shelters and safe-rooms, currently do not reach all areas of this campus. Due to this situation, there is an urgent need to upgrade a central Public Announcement System on the Beer-Sheva campus of BGU to broadcast information in real time, which will be managed in collaboration with the Home Front Command.

Join us in providing this urgently needed system to those at BGU. With you as our partner, we can show the students and staff at BGU, as well as the citizens of Beer-Sheva that the Canadian Associates of BGU are here to support them.

As David Ben Gurion said “It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel shall be tested.”

With a thriving economy in the centre of the country, the true pioneers in Israel today are those helping to develop the Negev, of which Ben-Gurion University is a critical component. Please take the time to support this project by making a donation online at
Mark Mendelson, MSW - National Executive Vice President - Canadian Associates of Ben-Gurion University
Mark Mendelson, MSW
National Executive Vice President
Canadian Associates of Ben-Gurion University
Gary Fine - National President - Canadian Associates of Ben-Gurion University
Gary Fine
National President
Canadian Associates of Ben-Gurion University

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