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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Questions by Traugott Joachim Mall for Michelle Cohen

Traugott Joachim Mall, one of our members in ISRAELI FRONTLINE facebook group, asked me to answer some questions.  He lives in Germany and is involved in magazine publications and prophetic art projects. Below are his questions and my answers.

TJM: Please something about your personal life and work that you are doing.

MC: First and foremost, I am an artist; I am an actress, a painter using oils on canvas and I draw with oil-based coloured pencils. I believe in the goodness that can be found in this world through art.  I also enjoy photography and camera work. I wish to create and present documentaries about current affairs, as well as controversial subjects concerning Israel. 

I am a staunch Zionist, an advocate and internet ambassador for Israel. I believe in justice for Israel.

I was born in Israel, but I grew up in Montreal, Canada. As an adult, I lived in four states of the USA. For the past six years, I have been living in Israel. I saw first hand all the lies spread by Media, and I decided to do something about it, by offering the contrary to general beliefs regarding Israel and the Middle East conflicts.

TJM: Something to share about your faith. Maybe something very precious to you, word, passage...

MC: I am Jewish, but I am secular. I do not spend much time focusing on religion. However, I do support the Jewish State because I believe Jewish people must have their own country from where they can defend themselves. History has taught us, repeatedly, that it is necessary. 

What is precious to me is mutual respect and acceptance. 

My favourite quote is as follows: When we grow old, there can only be one regret—not to have given enough of ourselves. 
- Eleanora Duse (October 3, 1858 - April 21, 1924)

TJM: How do you think and feel about Christians?

MC: I do not have any particular opinion about Christians as a whole. I think and feel about Christians as any other human beings; there are good people from all religions. I particularly appreciate all the Christians who support and love Israel—sometimes even more so than some Jews I know of.  They stand with Israel through thick and thin, and that is what true friendship is all about.

TJM: Are there Real Problems between Jewish and Christians?

MC: At this time, I am not aware of any particular problems between Jews and Christians as separate religions. However, there are individuals from both religions who may be intolerant of one another. This is not necessarily a reflection on Judaism or Christianity but rather on individuals and their personal opinions or prejudice. 

Many Christians and Jews are best of friends. I know I have many Christian friends, and I am a good friend to them.

TJM: How do you see the relationship and how should this relationships be?

MC: I believe in tolerance and understanding. I also believe in forgiveness. People who hold a grudge carry a heavy burden upon their shoulders. It is important to remember the past, but it is equally important to move forward. I heard this sentence recently, and it rang true: Forgiveness is possible only when we give up wishing that the past was different. 

I believe the two faiths have a similar base. It is important to look for our similarities rather than our differences. I have friends of many religions, and I find some things in common with each one of my friends. That is how we spread love—by finding what we have in common and celebrating friendship. 

TJM: How should we help Jewish People in Israel, 
and what should we NOT do?

MC: The best way to help Jewish people in Israel is by fighting against Leftists, Arab propagandists and Media—by showing proof that what we are saying is the truth. In the end, the truth always prevails. 

It is also important to buy Israeli products and services in order to defeat the effects of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) operations, which are supported by terrorist organisations and causing Israel a lot of damage. 

What we should not do is run and hide when we are confronted, but face our opponents with historical and archaeological evidence that proves what we are saying is true and accurate. That is why I created ISRAELI FRONTLINE—as a resource for such information. 

There are also many other reliable resources such as MYTHS and FACTS by Eli E. Hertz, Honest Reporting and Palestinian Media Watch. These are only a few outlets from where one can read about Israel and the Middle East conflict.

TJM: How do you feel and think about GILAD, Israeli Politics and Mainstream-Media

MC: I am very happy for Gilad Schalit who is now home. However, I was quite against the way his release was handled. I would have preferred a military and intelligence operation to have taken place in Gaza, and the soldier could have been found. Instead, I believe that my government took the quickest and easiest way out. 

I do not believe in releasing terrorists until they have completed their sentence. The government has made a mockery of our judicial system. In my opinion, such matters ought to be left to our defence minister rather than to our prime minister. I am afraid Israel has sent the Arabs a negative message. Now the Arabs are planning more kidnappings. 

I believe in the death penalty for terrorists who murder, and definitely no release of convicted criminals. It is simply unfair to all other imprisoned criminals who cannot be used as bargaining chips.

On the other hand, many Israeli citizens—including parents of soldiers who have been murdered by terrorists—have demonstrated, once again, that one of our soldiers is worth a thousand terrorists. This has been pointed out and admired by some reporters.

Israeli politics is quite complicated and would take a whole interview just to examine that subject. However, I will say this: I believe that given the complicated state in which we find ourselves with regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict, for the most part, Israel has quite a good track record. 

No other country in the world would tolerate and make allowances for the thousands of assaults we have endured on our people over the past decade. Any other country would have taken much more drastic measures to remedy the situation. Israel responds to attacks, but rarely (if ever) initiates them. I do not know of any other country that would endure as many rockets as we have without severe and conclusive retaliation. 

Mainstream Media focus on whatever attracts the most readers. Since Israel is a "hot subject", that is what Media focus on. There are situations that are much more critical than those in Israel, but they simply do not attract as many readers. Add a little anti-Semitism as an ingredient, and you've got yourself a perfect recipe for bias reporting. 

I am astonished that there are no flotillas sailing toward or flytillas landing in countries where Christians and Copts are being killed or driven out, where women are treated like second class citizens and stoned to death after being raped, or to countries where dictators are killing their own people with regimes that have a thumb pressed down on their own citizens.

No! Israel is much more interesting, with her 1.5 million Israeli-Arab citizens who have equal rights, where statistics have shown that 80% of Arab citizens prefer living in Israel rather than in any Arab country, and that has Arab ministers in parliament. Media ignore all that and focus on the plight of the so-called "Arab refugees."

TJM: What is the biggest Problem in THE WORLD TODAY?
What would you say?

MC: The biggest problem in the world today is the exact same as it has always been—the intolerance of one another and the desire to control or to eradicate. 

Man has still not learned that this world is home to all of us, that no one group of people is better than or superior to the rest, and that no group of people has the right to control or dominate the rest. 

The sooner we humble ourselves and realise that hate, control and dominance has no place in this world, the better.

Unfortunately, certain people think they are superior to others and believe they ought to be in control. But history has repeatedly shown us that such people always perish in the midst of their evil plot. 

Everybody has a place under the sun, we just have to know where is our place and let others be.


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