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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Analysis: Behind the Mask of Anti-Zionism

By Michelle Cohen

Ever wonder why there are so many anti-Israel enthusiasts?  It is time to analyse their true and self-serving motives.

History is filled with occurrences where land has been conquered, and people have been displaced.  Various empires and monarchies are responsible for the suffering caused during such periods in history. Here are some examples where such demographic changes took place: all of the Americas, where Native Americans have been displaced or even massacred, where land was conquered and Native American empires were "undone in a matter of years".  

Europe sustained several demographic and geographic changes as well, and Europe changed the world.  There were also many wars and conquests in Asia and Africa.  

Prior to 1947, the Islamic State of Pakistan was not always Islamic.  What ever happened to all the Sikhs and Hindus who once lived in the land known today as Pakistan? They seem to have been driven out. They left with their dignity, and without uttering a sound, they established themselves in the Punjab.  

Australia and New Zealand were conquered by the British Empire.  A recent documentary reveals that the Aborigines of Australia suffered a lot in the beginning of British colonialism—as well as the indigenous Māori of New Zealandbut unlike the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the Aborigines of Australia and indigenous Māori of New Zealand have learned to live with the settlers. 

●    ●    ●

Since Jews had a long history of being persecuted in various geographic areas of the world, in 1947, it was generally agreed upon that Jews ought to have their own country—hence, the rebirth of Israel.  

Like most residents of other conquered lands, local Arabs did not take too well to the idea of a new Jewish State. Arabs were displaced, even by force, as many argue, and Israel conquered and took over the land. Arabs were left homeless—refugees. Their offspring are still considered refugees, even though they were born in other countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. No refugees in the world call their offspring 'refugees' when they are born in host countries. The Arabs are the only people to do so. If they have no citizenship in the countries in which they were born, they ought to confront their Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, and not Israel's. Israel's Arab population has already been absorbed and has full citizenship.

●    ●    ●

It is damaging to persist with concealing the fact that many Arabs were forcefully driven out of the British Mandate; it only harbours animosity and contempt toward Israel. It is time to stand up, get out the skeletons from our closet and face the truth. We are guilty as charged! 

Ashkelon, once called Al-Majdal (The Tower), was an entirely Arab town. To date, there are homes and commercial buildings to prove it. As a Matter of fact, Ashkelon's town centre is still called Migdal (Tower, in Hebrew). What ever happened to all those Arabs? They were certainly driven out and displaced. There are other towns and villages like Ashkelon from where Arabs have vacated. But what is the difference between the Arabs who were displaced, and all other peoples who suffered the same predicament throughout history?  The answer is: dignity and self-worth, which the Arabs seem to lack. Other peoples have held their head high, have moved on, have accepted, or have simply adjusted to the new landowners.  Those who are simply incapable of accepting or adapting are still in transition.  The thought of a Jewish State amidst the Arab world is like a pebble in a shoe—the Arabs will never be comfortable with that.  

Israel won and thrived and the Arabs lost, and that is a fact that must be faced. This sort of scenario is neither new nor unusual. The only part of this chain of events that is unusual, is the Arab's inability to reconcile and move forward.

Israel is growing at a very fast pace, and out of a list of 185 countries, Israel is the 78th in world economy (GDP)—ahead of (among others) France, Germany and Sweden. The Arabs have only one option with which to try to destroy the Jewish State, and that is by inducing pity!  Rather than to pick themselves up and establish themselves as a worthy people, the Arabs have dishonourably played the pity card for decades, and it has finally paid off.  Never before has there been more sympathy and pity for the Arabs.

There are extensive human rights violations around the world, including in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, but anti-Israel enthusiasts seem to be concerned only with the plight of the Arabs. Is it really concern for the Arabs or simple masked anti-Semitism? Why are those anti-Zionists obsessed with Israel only? The answer is quite simple!

Today, anti-Semitism can be expressed freely by way of condemnation. Anti-Semites relish in the idea of condemning Israel for doing nothing worse than any other conquering country. The only difference is that now they can hide behind the proclamation that they only hate Israel because of the "occupation", and not Jews at large.  But is this really true, considering that the vast majority of Israelis are Jewish? It is literally impossible to separate anti-Semitism from anti-Zionism.  Though anti-Semites try to conceal their true feelings, their veil is simply too transparent.  Particularly when they are accused of being anti-Semitic, and they immediately pretend to be offended.

Is there any particular reason why anti-Zionists choose to impose on Israel a higher standard of ethics than on any other country? The answer is, blatant anti-Semitism! Critics have expressed that the reason they hold Israel in contempt is because Israel is a democratic country.  At least they admit to that.  Wasn't their country democratic when it colonised? Of course it was!  

Thanks to the efforts of the Arab's continuous heavy dosage of accusations, anti-Semites can now conclude that Jews are no better than their past oppressors.  Their colonial minds can now be freed from a sense of guilt, and they can point their finger at Israel and say, "You are no better than those who have persecuted you." So, to make amends for the tribulation they have caused in countries to which they have no historic ties, or to release themselves from the guilt of knowing six million Jews were massacred, those who live in countries that colonised or have massacred Jews can now use Israel as a doormat on which they can wipe their soiled past. What a false sense of relief, since Israel did not colonise, does not occupy and does not indiscriminately massacre.  Jews live in Judea and Samaria as of right, and not by occupation, as recent studies have proven. Colonialists cannot produce archaeological and historical evidence to back claims of past presence in an occupied land, as is the case with Jews in Israel. 

To conclude, even if Israel had been reestablished by war, ethnic cleansing, aggression and murder, one must face the fact that Israel is certainly not the only culprit that is guilty of such a phenomenon.  Just because Israel was reestablished in 1948 and not in 1048, does not make Israel more accountable than, say the Americas that were established on Native American land. 

In order to justify their accusations, anti-Semites righteously claim that mankind is more "civilised" today than people were in those days. What a load of tosh! Reading some history books will quickly cure them of their delusion. Thus, anti-Semites ought to find another reason to hate Jews. Perhaps the allegation that Jews control Media will fit the bill, even though there are countless articles against Israel and Jews. All they have to do is read The Guardian, CNN, Al-Jazeera and The New York Times.

Today's anti-Semites think they can look squeaky clean, and simultaneously clear their conscience, by trying to lecture Israel on the effects of "colonialism" and human rights violations.  This can be compared to the head of organised crime lecturing a petty thief about the devious nature of his ways. It is simply not working anymore. What was done cannot be undone, but the guilt must be shed, and Israel will continue to thrive.  

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