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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Message from the Creator of ISRAELI FRONTLINE

To all my friends who knew me when I was living in the US and Canada. I was clueless about Israel at the time—except when there were wars and my family would inform me.  

Because I now live in Israel, I am simply amazed at all the lies and misinformation circulating in media and the internet about Israel and the Middle East conflict. This is not to say that Israel and Israelis are perfect or that Israel has never been wrong, but I must stress that the news I read about Israel from global media sources is very often inaccurate and sometimes downright false.  

A perfect example is when I read news articles claiming that Hamas is honouring a ceasefire when I know for a fact that rockets are being launched into south Israel from Gaza (personal experience).  

When I read news articles claiming that Israel deliberately targeted populated areas during Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009) when I know for a fact that the IDF (Israel Defence Force) sent SMS to people's portables and dropped leaflets in Gaza asking people to evacuate a certain targeted area BEFORE executing a direct attack on a building known to have hidden weapons (television footage). That is more than any other military force has ever done in order to save lives. 

I read articles about "occupied territories" when I know for a fact that there are no such territories since presently the land does not belong to the Arabs. A Palestinian country had already been established in 1948. It was called Trans-Jordan at the time (Jordan). The Arabs refused to accept it as their country even though the entire region (including Israel and present-day Jordan) was called the British Mandate for Palestine. 80% of Jordanians proclaim themselves to be "Palestinians"—a name the Arabs decided to call themselves in 1967 under the leadership of Yasser Arafat. 

Palestine derives from the Roman name Judaea-Palaestina. The Arabs never referred to themselves as "Palestinians" prior to 1967, since Palestine never belonged to them in the first place. It was always a region controlled by one empire or another. Besides, let us suppose the "occupied territories" did become part of a Palestinian State, does that mean it ought to be free of any Jewish citizens? Israel has Arab citizens; why can there be no Jewish citizens in a country called Palestine? Who then are the real racists? Which of the two is the real apartheid state?

People accuse Israel of being an apartheid state when I know for a fact that, even though many African infiltrators have been deported, Israel harbours Sudanese and Vietnamese refugees who now have Israeli citizenship. The reason they live in Israel is because no other country would accept them. 

Note: Protecting Israelis and tourists from terrorism by building walls, roadblocks, checkpoints and blockades can hardly be considered "apartheid". Egypt has blockaded Gaza, but none ever accuses Egypt of being an apartheid state. Not to mention that 20% of our citizens are Arabs with equal rights. There may be some Israeli racists, but then there are racists in every country.

The worst lie of all is the notion that the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad andAl Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and Al Qassam Brigade will settle for a two-state solution when I know for a fact they have clearly stated, repeatedly, that what they really want is the total destruction of Israel.  That is what "free Palestine" really means. Video footage can unquestionably prove this fact.

I feel a moral obligation to expose the truth on a daily basis. This is why I created a weblog and facebook group (ISRAELI FRONTLINE) entirely dedicated to providing accurate news and information. I hope you can understand this seemingly obsessive behaviour.

Michelle Cohen

1 comment:

  1. Telling the truth about Israel and the Palestinian conflict can hardly be called obsessive--I call it simply reporting news that we cannot find in the so-called 'mainstream' media--which is anything but mainstream. Keep up the great work!