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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Democratic Jordan is Palestine

Please sign this petition from Knesset Minister Dr. Aryeh Eldad, and forward it to all your friends, urging Jordanian King Abdullah to declare Jordan as the new Palestinian State and Homeland.
The New 'Road Map' for Peace starts Now!

Larry Kosberg
As you well know, we are encouraging people to sign this petition so we can declare Jordan the new Palestinian State.  

Please read the petition below. If you agree with this petition, please sign and pass it on. Please let people know about this petition.

Israel is constantly being pressured to allow a Palestinian State to exist.  In response, we are now pressuring Jordan's King Abdullah to declare Jordan the Palestinian homeland.  
80% of Jordanians are so-called "Palestinians". We propose that the rest may join them. Remember, Jordan was part of the British Mandate for Palestine and also part of the Ottoman State of Palestine. That being a fact, why pressure Israel?  Why not pressure Jordan? 

Who are the real racists? As a democratic state, Muslims and Christians live in Israel and have every democratic right. In contrast, Jordan is predominantly Muslim and Jews are not allowed to live there. Therefore, let the Jordanian-Palestine State be for Muslims, and let Israel be for Jews and Israeli-Arabs.  Please watch the video below to find out about the history of this region and why Jordan is Palestine.

Now is the time to stand in support of the state of Israel and to create peace in this region. Let us join in this effort to create a Jordanian-Palestinian State for all regional Arabs. They will never again be able to say that they do not have a state of their own.

Most importantly, after you have signed, please be sure to forward this message to your list and keep this trend going so we may have a significant number of signatures.

Thank you very much,
Michelle Cohen

Please click HERE to sign this petition.

The Government of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu are under  pressure to accept and implement "the  two states solution"  which means a creation of  Palestinian State in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.
It was the late Prime Minister Rabin who wrote :"A Palestinian State can be created only on the ruins of the State of Israel". We are concerned that the only political plan to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - is the plan that endangers the very existence of Israel.
Prof. Aryeh Eldad, M.D.
(For a detailed biography on Prof. Eldad, please click here.)

The declaration is as follows:

Jordan is Palestine
To His Majesty
The King of Jordan
King Abdullah the Second
The Government and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Presented this Date, the 25th of May 2011
The 65th Independence Day of the Kingdom of Jordan

As the cries for democracy reach us from Tunis, Egypt, and all around the Arab world, we call upon the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to declare itself the democratic nation state of the Palestinian people.

80% of the population of Jordan are disenfranchised Palestinians. This declarative step would correct that injustice and provide the foundation for a just, comprehensive and lasting peace between the Jewish and Arab peoples.

The late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin wrote: "A Palestinian State can be created only on the ruins of the State of Israel".

That needn’t be the case. That shouldn’t be the case.

Let Jordan be democratic and free, and let the Palestinian people accept upon themselves the full mantle and responsibility of democratic statehood in Jordan - without the destruction or diminishment of the state of Israel and without the physical transfer of any population, neither Jew nor Arab.

We the undersigned, citizens of the world, representatives of hundreds of thousands around the world, ask the Government of Jordan and King Abdullah the Second, to proclaim the Hashemite Kingdom the democratic nation state of the Palestinians, and with this symbolic and declarative step, make a decisive contribution to Middle East and world peace.

We remind you of the brave words of your father:
“I wish democracy and peace to be my legacy to my people and the shield of generations to come.” - King Hussein I of Jordan


  1. RESEARCH/DOCUMENT: So-called "Palestinians": The Truth about "Palestinian" Arabs A.K.A. Arab immigrants' children, grandchildren & the vastly vacant desolate land prior to the rise of Jewish return

  2. This is the truth but the people who need to recognize it never will, meaning the Arabs themselves. They have been fed lies for so long that reality is no longer able to be seen. the fact that the Hashimite kingdom has killed more so-called Palestinians than Israel ever has and that the British created Jordan out of 3/4's Palestine before independence. If you listen to the Arab street you will find that they would rather have their hatred than freedom.

  3. Ofcourse Jordan should recognise the "palestinians" as their own, and vice-versa..but many people don't actually want to end the Israeli-Arab conflict; they just want to defame Israel. I noticed that - together with some sincere ones - there were recent "signatures" on the petition which were sarcastic and disgusting false names. What do those people want?

  4. As true as this is, it will never happen. The late King Hussein knew exactly what these "Palestinians" are about, & that's why he killed 20,000 of them at once (yes, tragically punishing the innocents along with the guilty) & expelled them. The present King has done all he can to keep them out of his country as well. For him, the problems this causes for Israel is most likely secondary - unlike the other countries that refuse to live up to their obligations & take in the refugees that THEY created in '48!