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Sunday, October 31, 2010

EXPOSED: Female "Palestinian Peace Activists" Suffer Sexual Harassment, Rape From Palestinians

As I was doing some research for today's news, I came across this little bit of information. Picture this scenario: A female so-called "peace activist" travels half way around the world to a city or village in Judea and Samaria or Gaza only to discover that she is considered a "cheap infidel" and gets harassed and even raped by Arab men who she came to defend against the Israeli "apartheid state occupation."  Imagine what story she will be telling if she ever makes it back home.

Apparently, this has already happened.  Please read this report:
September 21, 2010 Arabs Harass Female 'Peace' Activists; Left Silences Victims

It won't make the front page of the New York Times, but it seems that female peace activists in Israel who go to Arab villages are looked at as "piece" activists by the locals in the Arab villages. Women who go to these villages are sexually harassed, molested and in some cases raped Haaretz, a very left wing Israeli newspaper reported as follows on one incident, which it made clear was not isolated but a part of a trend.

"The European and American female activists reportedly agreed to let Aladdin stay with them after he had told them he feared the Israel Defense Forces were on his tail, adding that he had been severely beaten at an IDF checkpoint only a week before.

During his stay Aladdin allegedly attempted to rape a Muslim-American woman, nicknamed "Fegin" by fellow activists. The woman escaped, later accusing the popular protest man of the attempt. One villager who had encountered the American following the incident said she had been in a state of shock."

Rather than curbing the incidents themselves, the Palestine Authority and the peace organisations have asked victims to keep quiet, lest the incidents create bad publicity for the peace movement. Local Arabs are not used to women traveling independently, dressing in revealing clothing or showing support for homosexual rights Muqata reports as follows on the Muslim attitude towards homosexuals encountered by peace activists.

"And if rape and sexual assault weren't enough, one female Arab from of Sheikh Jarrah has been telling the protesters to stop bringing their Gay Pride flags to the protest because they don’t like gays and she would like to kick them all out of the country. I assume the protester she told this to was gay."

A further indication of the prevalence of sexual harassment of peace activists is the fact that there are workshops for activists such as “How to deal with sexual harassment during direct activities against the occupation”.
The evidence is there to see for anyone who wonders what kind of society that will evolve from a Palestinian victory. Any territory controlled by an entity called Palestine will first kick out its Jews and then make life for all non Muslims intolerable. The experiences of the peace activists testify powerfully to the lack of respect for those who want freedom from religion.

The peace activists are making some very telling points about the nature of Israel's enemies, which is hardly what they set out to do when they went to demonstrate against Israel.

Why do the leftists support the Palestine Authority? It seems almost suicidal for them to do so. Common decency would dictate that supporters of the Palestinian cause would get VIP treatment from the Palestinians.Instead they are treated like garbage. It seems that common decency is not so common after all.

This is the kind of Shenanigans in which the so-called "peace activists" get involved:

Olives of wrath

Op-ed: Journalists, aid workers have interest in fueling conflict between Jews, Arab farmers

In recent years, the olive harvest in Judea and Samaria has been a time of excitement not only for the farmers, who are eager to reap their harvest, but also for international media and NGOs, eager to sow their stories. The press and international "peace" groups are eager to portray Jewish residents harassing Arab farmers, damaging the groves and crops.

The validity of these reports is rarely, if ever, questioned, investigated, and re-reported according to in-depth information gathering. Another aspect of these reports that is rarely questioned is the driving force behind the stories. It is common knowledge that for journalists, conflicts in general, and the Israeli-Arab conflict in particular, are the source of stories that will make headlines. Is it possible that the journalists and "aid workers" that report each year on the olive harvest have an interest in there being conflict between Israeli and Arab farmers?

The international media are not the only players with an interest in continued conflict. Numerous NGOs trip over one another for the ability to expose to the world the importance of their work protecting the "oppressed". In many cases, the activities of these foreign organizations have proved to be nothing more than staged provocations; ones to which foreign media have been invited to attend before the event occurred.

The hard truth is that the foreign media and international "peace" organizations in Israel derive their existence from continued conflict. If the conflict (both on a daily basis, and in general) were to end, they would lose their raison d'etre. Therefore, if there is no conflict to report on or save "oppressed" peoples from, it must be artificially created.

These organizations' motivation to perpetuate conflict is two-fold. Firstly, they have an ideological agenda; they wish to depict the Jewish "settlers" as bandits and vigilantes. This leads directly to the second part of their agenda, to show how important they themselves are in protecting the "oppressed" Arabs. In essence, they are attempting to make themselves indispensable. The academic literature on NGOs clearly shows that in order for NGOs to stay relevant and receive funding, they must be in the thick of conflict. But an even more basic question must first be asked in this "conflict". Whose land is it?

Professional provocateurs

The claims of individual Arabs to legal ownership of the farmlands, in a majority of cases, is not proven, and even worse, not questioned by media and international organizations. They are all too willing to accept the Arab claims of ownership at face value in order to propagate their storyline, thereby justifying their existence. This being the case, “rights groups” need only bring an Arab willing to publicly state a claim (on camera) that his rights are being trampled.

A brief history of these farmlands is greatly needed. In fact, vast areas of olive groves in Samaria are not private property (of any family or individual.) Historically and currently, Arab culture dictates that the olive harvest is done on a first-come-first-serve basis, regardless of ownership, meaning, there are no disputes between Arabs over harvesting of olives.

Only when Jewish residents harvest their olives do Arabs claim ownership, which in many cases is not a personal claim, but rather a nationalist one. In recent legal action, residents of the Samaria community Havat Gilad proved the above claim, resulting in a court order forbidding NGO activists from accessing olive groves around the community that are not privately owned by an individual Arab farmer.

The international organizations that claim to be lovers of peace are in fact nothing more than professional provocateurs. They are not based in this region and their activities harm local efforts of understanding and cooperation between Jews and Arabs.

A striking example is found in the Jewish community Itamar and the neighboring Arab village Beir Forik. Efforts between these communities to coordinate with and understand one another have been sabotaged by these "peace" groups. The unfortunate truth is, these international organizations have never made an effort to coordinate understanding between Jewish and Arab farmers in Judea and Samaria.

The media and NGOs have a vested interest in the continuation of conflict. Locally, organically created understanding and peace would cause the media and international organizations to become irrelevant, thereby losing funding, staffing and their raison d'etre, peace.

Northern Israel Arabs riot after car accident

Northern Israel residents stone paramedics after accident between car, bus; police called to sceneArab residents of northern Israel stoned emergency forces called in to treat the victims of a car accident on Highway 65 Saturday.

At least one person was killed and 15 others were lightly wounded after a car collided with a bus at the entrance to a local community. An initial investigation revealed that the accident was caused after the driver of the car attempted to flee from police.
Local residents clashed with paramedics called to the scene to treat the wounded and hurled stones at them. Police forces were promptly dispatched to the area and calmed the tensions.

Following the accident, the highway was temporarily blocked for traffic in both directions. Heavy traffic jams continued in the area even after the road reopened, as local residents continued to gather at the site.

Tensions have been high in the Wadi Ara region in northern Israel, after local residentsclashed with police and rioted Wednesday to protest a rightist march in the town of Umm al-Fahm. The march, organized by 25 rightist activists demanding that Israel's Islamic Movement be outlawed, prompted anger among Arab residents, who prepared a rude welcome for the marchers.

Police deployed in force in town and fired stun and gas grenades at rioters. Several Arab protestors were detained and five police officers were wounded in the riots.

ANALYSIS / Attacking Jews remains a radical Islamist guiding motivation

Terrorism changes shape, but tactics, targets and timing remain consistent.

The method used by the terrorist was simple, but the plan was sophisticated, daring and creative, testifying to a meticulous process.

Mail bombs are nothing new. Israeli intelligence used the method in 1956 to assassinate a colonel in Egyptian intelligence in Gaza, and in the 1960s to attack former Nazis and German scientists working in Egypt.
Later, mail bombs were sent to senior figures in the Palestinian terrorist organizations.
These groups retaliated in kind, delivering similar bombs to Israeli diplomats and emigres.
The choice to use two international carriers - Federal Express and UPS - reflects professional planning and a careful choice of material, timing and targets.
The packages were concealed in printer ink cartridges filled with PETN explosives.
One of the explosive charges was meant to be set off with a timing mechanism, another with a cell phone's SIM card.
The timing of the operation was far from coincidental: The bombs were meant to explode near or on Tuesday, the day of the U.S. midterm elections.
The timing and target - Jewish-American communities - seem to indicate that Al-Qaida did it, and the Yemeni origin of the packages appears to show that the group behind it was the so-called Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.
Yemenis have been commanders in Al-Qaida ever since Osama bin Laden announced the existence of the organization in a cave in Afghanistan in 1998.
Yemen has also seen a number of terrorist attacks against American targets, including the October 2000 assault on the USS Cole in Aden.
But in recent years, Yemen has become a central operations base for some of the worst attacks.
Radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who preaches from Yemen over the Internet, has been linked by American intelligence to at least six attacks, including the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009 and the attempted Times Square bombing in May 2010.
Three firm conclusions
Three conclusions can be drawn from the attempted attacks of the past week. Radical Islamist terrorism changes shape, but it doesn't disappear. International intelligence cooperation is increasing - the information that undermined these attacks came from Saudi Arabia and was shared with Dubai, the United States and Britain.
Second, it would appear that just as the fundamentalists are setting up terrorism networks, intelligence communities around the globe are establishing counter-networks of agents, informers, handlers and technology.
The third lesson is that although Israel and Jewish targets are not the terror networks' main focus, attacking Jews remains a guiding motivation.

Turkish document defines Israel as 'central threat'

National Security Council in Ankara decides to remove Syria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia from list of countries that pose threat.

The Turkish National Security Council approved a few days ago significant changes in a document which contains threats against Turkey claiming that Israel is now a major threat to the country, Turkish media reported Saturday.

Israel was redefined as a "major threat" in the document called "The Red Book." 

Turkey-Israel relations: Where do we stand?
Gates: Turkey-Israel relations a concern
Analysis: Tensions on the Turkish-Iraqi border

This is the first time that Turkey has defined Israel's actions in the Middle East as a threat towards it.

The document also stated that Israel's actions may cause countries in the region to begin an "arms race." 

At the same time the Council decided to remove Syria, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia from the list of countries that pose a threat to Turkey.

Iran, which was previously a major threat to Ankara was also removed from the list of countries.

The document is valid for five years.
Greece is still defined as a threat against Turkey, however Turkey's neighbor is considered an external threat. " .

The document also states that the Middle East should be free of nuclear weapons.

Arabs 'Helping their own' through Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem

Salsabil Abu Sa'ad
Also, read the story of this little girl:

There are 325 million Arabs in 22 Middle Eastern countries and other lands, but the first and so far only registry for potential unrelated Arab donors of bone marrow or stem cells – which have the ability to cure certain cancers and other serious disorders – is at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem.

Compatibility is determined by the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system, which is quite varied due to the large number of genes controlling human immune system function; tissue types of the major histocompatability complex are much more complicated than than the A, B, O and AB and RH+/- blood types that have to be matched for blood transfusions. Arab HLAs are generally very different from those of Americans, Africans and Europeans, and are closer to that of Jews, who are also Semites. But while some Jews can donate adult stem cells and bone marrow to some Arabs (and vice versa), an ethnic-specific Arab registry was urgently needed for the rest.

Only about 10 percent of Arab patients who need these tissue transplants succeed in finding an HLA-matched unrelated donor, compared to over 80% in Caucasian patients who find matched unrelated donors in the international registries.

In 1987, Prof. Chaim Brautbar established Israel’s first general unrelated bone marrow donor registry at Hadassah; upon his retirement, he was succeeded by Dr. Shoshanna Israel. Today, the general registry has over 80,000 people listed. Two years ago, he set up the Arab registry with veteran immunologist Dr.

Amal Bishara. Since then, data from over 9,000 Israeli Arabs (initially obtained only from peripheral blood and more recently also from buccal cells taken from the inside of the cheek) have been stored in its computers and fed into the international database in Leiden, Holland so that compatible Arab HLAs for would-be recipients can be more easily found. Yet many more samples are needed to find potential donors for those who are ill.

BISHARA, an Arab woman born in Tarshiha near Ma’alot who lives with her physician husband in Jerusalem, devotes much effort to creating awareness in Israeli Arab cities such as Nazareth, towns and villages in the Galilee and elsewhere of the need to be tested. She tells residents that 40% of Arab patients who need bone marrow/stem cell transplants need a stranger to provide them. Until the establishment of the database, Arabs both inside and outside Israel were able to obtain them mainly from family members.

Israel to boost numbers in Haiti amid cholera outbreak

The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid (IsraAID) announced on Wednesday that it is sending more workers to the battered Caribbean nation of Haiti amid a frightening outbreak of cholera.
The team was already scheduled to travel before the outbreak in order to assess and advance various IsraAID programs in Haiti. IsraAID has been in Haiti since January 16, just days after a massive earthquake devastated the tiny island nation.
Israel and IsraAID have been widely praised, most of all by Haitians, for providing the quickest and most comprehensive care to those affected by the earthquake and its aftermath.
In the early days following the earthquake, IsraAID’s massive field tent was the only operating hospital able to care for the hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming out of the demolished capital of Port au Prince.
IsraAID intends to do its part to help stem the cholera outbreak, which has already killed more than 200 people on the outskirts of the capital.
Cholera is an intestinal infection that results in rapid dehydration. It is a primary cause of death in third world nations.

Israeli technology has chief role in battling world threats

Migdal H’aemek company HTS's Container Code Recognition system controls half of the international market.
On Sunday, Israel begins to host the first three-day International Homeland Security Conference, showcasing locally developed and manufactured solutions to terrorism threats before security experts and decision-makers from around the world. One of the companies that will be presenting its products is Hi-Tech Solutions (HTS), a company based near Migdal Ha’emek that specializes in image processing and computer vision technologies, mechanisms critical for a wide variety of civilian and security applications.

Established in 1992, the company saw its first commercial product sold in 2000. HTS’s proprietary technology provides both digital and video image records, for direct recognition, identification and recording of alphanumeric and graphic codes.

Israeli scientists report strongest-ever nano material

Put simply, HTS’s systems can read numbers from a photo and reproduce them in text form. This ability enjoys a wide range of possible applications, many of them in the fields of law enforcement, traffic management, cargo administration and security.

Today, HTS’s two main products are License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Container Code Recognition (CCR) systems. By pointing a camera, connected to a computer, at a cargo container or a vehicle’s license plate, HTS’s technology can reproduce the numbers in text form. Link that ability to any system that monitors movement of large volumes of traffic and you get a highly effective, real-time solution that can be put to many uses.

In the civilian market, HTS’s systems are especially useful for providing logistical solutions for anyone who wants to quickly and accurately track movement of vehicles. One major project that HTS is involved with in Israel is the soon-to-beopened Carmel tunnels.

The tunnels that run under the city of Haifa will use HTS’s system to assist in its toll collection.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gazan crowd chants 'Death to America,' 'Death to Israel'

Tens of thousands of Palestinians rally at event staged by terror group Islamic Jihad with Hamas support to voice opposition to peace talks.

Tens of thousands of supporters and sympathizers of the terrorist Palestinian Islamic Jihad group were reported to have rallied in the streets of Gaza on Friday to show their opposition to the stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The crowds were heard chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel."

PIJ's exiled leader Ramadan Shallah sent a recorded message from Damascus commemorating the 15th anniversary of the assassination of former leader Fathi Shiqaqi in Malta, suspected to have been carried out by the Mossad.

RELATED:'We will resume suicide attacks'
Analysis: An attempt to torpedo peace talks

"Israel will not bring peace to the region, it will only bring war and destruction and therefore, the slogan of all should be that Israel must be wiped out of existence," said Shallah. He warned of a "third Nakba" should the peace negotiations continue to fruition.

Senior Hamas leaders also joined the event.

"The choice of negotiation has reached deadlock, and we are wondering why is there such an insistence by the Palestinian Authority on negotiation with the enemy," said Shallah.

"Anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic sentiment is rampant in South Africa"

Anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic sentiment is rampant in S. Africa, the governments, here and there not doing enough to combat it.

‘Sorry, we cannot supply you any of our goods as we don’t want or need your blood money!’ This scathing comment, written on an invoice returned to the South African Zionist Federation, has angered members of the organized Jewish community there, who are now seeking legal advice against a Muslim-owned Johannesburg company. The SAZF, which is holding its 47th Conference in March, recently placed an order for 249 conference bags from a company by the name of Saley’s Travel Goods, based near Gold Reef City in Ormonde, across the road from the Apartheid Museum.

According to the SAZF, the order was confirmed telephonically, was faxed through and an invoice for the goods immediately received. The following day, however, the same invoice, for 8,841.59 rand ($1,282), was faxed through to SAZF offices again, with lines drawn through it stating “Order cancelled by management!” and the following sentences handwritten on it: “Sorry, we cannot supply you any of our goods as we don’t want or need your blood money! Please do not contact us anymore and remove all our contact details from your records and we will do likewise. We don’t want to aid and abet organizations that are responsible for crimes against humanity. Please don’t pay! Don’t contaminate our account with your blood money!” 

The unknown person who wrote on the invoice started off by writing “Dear,” but then scratched it out.

Over the past few years the SAZF has placed various orders with Saley’s, purchasing conference bags and folders from it. The SAZF says it has never before been confronted with such “naked hostility, such unbridled hatred, such disgusting slander and such overt anti-Semitic sentiment.”

“We believe it amounts to hate speech,” Swartz told The Sunday Times on Friday.

He added the SAZF had placed numerous orders with Saley’s over the years and “never experienced a problem like this with them before.”

The Sunday Times contacted the company and requested comment on the incident.

An unidentified staffer said that “management was in a meeting about it” and would return the call. However by the close of business of Friday, no comment was forthcoming.

When I called Saley’s on Monday afternoon to talk to someone called “Imran” (who is listed by the SAZF as a contact person), an unidentified staffer gave me the same story. “Imran is in a meeting, he will call you back,” she said, and took my number. When I asked her who Imran was, she said she could not comment any further. When I asked her if Saley’s had an official spokesperson or someone else I could talk to, she repeated that she couldn’t comment anymore.

According to its website, Saley’s Travel Goods was established in 1975 as the “industries [sic] leader in luggage for the past 26 years for personal travel, business and corporate giftware.”

“We realize and understand that long-term success is about more than just making and delivering great products; it’s the vision by which we live every day as a company. Our set of principles has evolved since our founding which capture the spirit, philosophy and day to day business practices. These are long held company principles that underscore our relationship with customers, partners and employees,” the site reads.

Under the principle “integrity,” Saley’s writes: “Our management and employees are trained to always act with utmost honesty and integrity, and be guided by what is ethical and just to our customer needs. We compete extremely vigorously and most importantly, fairly.”

Under “community,” the site reads: “Saley’s and its employees recognize that we have the responsibility and opportunity to contribute to the communities in which we live in ways that make a difference to the disadvantaged on a global scale.”

THE INCIDENT with Saley’s is just the latest in a long line of incidents that the staunchly Zionist South African Jewish community has had to deal with over the past two years.

South Africa recalled its ambassador over the Turkish flotilla (some pundits argue that he just wanted an excuse to fly home and watch the World Cup). During Operation Cast Lead, thousands of South Africans marched outside the Jewish community center in Johannesburg, not the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria, mind you, the Jewish community center.

The low point in relations was reached during Cast Lead, when then deputy minister of foreign affairs Fatima Hajaig unleashed an anti-Semitic tirade against Israel. “In fact, no matter which government comes into power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush, the control of America, just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money, and if Jewish money controls their country, you cannot expect anything else,” Hajaig was recorded as saying, to thunderous applause at a pro-Palestinian rally in Lenasia township outside of Johannesburg in January.

Following the Gaza war and its aftermath, local Jews were incensed at the fact that one of their own, Justice Richard Goldstone, headed the UN committee which released a scathing report accusing the IDF of war crimes. A Limmud conference in Johannesburg also came under attack by anti-Israeli government officials.

Dockworkers in Durban refused to unload goods from a Zim ship last year. NowDesmond Tutu has asked the Cape Town Opera to call off its Israel tour until Israel becomes a ‘civilized democracy’; and the list goes on.

Saley’s behavior, and the behavior of many others in South Africa, is indicative of the failure of the government to stem the tide of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiment currently sweeping through the “Rainbow Nation.” As of this writing, none of South Africa’s various anti-racism and anti-xenophobia organizations have petitioned the government to punish Saley’s over what is undoubtedly a violation of the country’s strict racism laws.

The Israeli government has also not done enough to explain its policies and positions to the government in Pretoria and the South African public at large through the mass media. The Saley’s case is another example of non-institutional boycotting of Israel by the targeting of Jewish groups and institutions. As far as is known, the management of Saley’s is not part of the worldwide, institutionalized boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign, although the South African branch of the movement is very active, and local Muslim groups are reportedly backing Saley’s move.

All attempts to contact Saley’s management for comment have failed. It clearly does not want to explain its position or talk to Israeli/Jewish reporters. Why is Saley’s not standing by its written comments to the SAZF? Is it ashamed of something, or does it just feel it doesn’t owe anyone an explanation? Sadly, the ANC government has criminally abandoned the principle of bringing the country’s various races and cultures closer together, and is rather fanning the flames of interreligious, racial and ethnic discord for its own political gain.

As Saley’s has refused comment to me, as well as other journalists, I invite you to try reach it yourself, and ask it to explain its actions.

Bravo Maurice Ostroff:

This letter is a response to the rude rejection by Saley's of an order placed by the SA Zionist Federation.

An open letter to the Managing director of Saley's
From Maurice Ostroff                                                          October 29, 2010

Congratulations on your brave refusal to continue to do business with a long-standing customer because of your antagonism to Zionism. To ensure that your action is not a meaningless gesture, we look forward with great interest to seeing you demonstrate your sincerity and consistency by following through with a complete boycott of all Israeli products.

You can make an immediate start by examining your computer and throwing it out if it contains software or an Intel Pentium chip that was developed in Israel. Of course you should also avoid instant messaging based on ICQ, that was invented by Israeli teenager Arik Vardi  and three friends. And you will of course avoid mobile telephony, developed in Israel by Motorola, the camera telephone chip and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) as used in Skype and similar applications.

You will be hard pressed to locate all the Zionist components in your Security Software, Network Firewalls, Anti-virus programs, System Software, Microsoft Operating Systems (XP and Vista), Google,  Disk on Key and Wi-Fi,  but I am sure you will assiduously check your equipment and rule out everything with  Zionist roots. Unless you do so thoroughly, it will appear that you don't have the courage of your convictions and that your refusal of the small SAZF order was an insincere gesture playing to the anti-Israel gallery.

I could go on and on about the items you must avoid to be consistent in your attitude, but for humanitarian reasons you will be excused if for medical reasons you or members of your family use the "camera pill" developed in Israel to investigate the intestines painlessly by swallowing a pill containing a mini camera and transmitter.

Despite your anti-Zionist feelings, if you have a heart attack, don't hesitate to let the surgeon insert a stent, which was developed in Israel.

You will also be excused if you or members of your anti-Zionist business use new Israeli methods to measure and inject insulin for diabetics or Copaxone to reduce the physical breakdown caused by MS and other MS medicines such as Betaseron and Avonex. Similarly you will be excused for using Israeli developments in computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance systems (MRI), ultrasound scanners, nuclear medical cameras and laser surgery.

You will be excused too, if you use the Israeli developed Resperate, an interactive breathing device, for lowering blood pressure as well as treatments for cancer, diabetes, AIDS, auto immune diseases, Alzheimer, cardiovascular diseases and aging as well as the ReWalk, a robot suit that enables wheelchair users to walk, sit and stand again.

On second thoughts I suggest that it would be more rational to re-examine your prejudices and enter into a civil discourse with the Zionists. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that we have much in common and I would be happy to enter into a dialog with you about the issues on which you feel so strongly.

This letter is being publicized as will the response I hope to receive from you.

Maurice Ostroff

copy of email from the South African Zionist Federation

Opening Lines: Cry, the beloved country
The SA Zionist Federation is holding its 47th Conference in March 2011, and we recently placed an order for conference bags from a company by the name of Saley’s Travel Goods, based near Gold Reef City in Ormonde.

The order was confirmed telephonically; we faxed it through and immediately received the invoice for the goods.

The following day, however, the same invoice was faxed through to our offices again, with lines drawn through it stating “Order cancelled by management!” and the following sentences handwritten on the invoice:

“Sorry, we cannot supply you any of our goods as we don’t want or need your blood money!  Please do not contact us any more and remove all our contact details from your records and we will do likewise.  We don’t want to aid and abet organizations that are responsible for crimes against humanity.  Please don’t pay!  Don’t contaminate our account with your blood money!”

Over the past few years the SAZF has placed various orders with Saley’s Travel Goods, purchasing conference bags and folders from them.  We have never before been confronted with such naked hostility, such unbridled hatred, such disgusting slander and such overt anti-semitic sentiment. 

Companies are at liberty to do business with whoever they choose; and it is their right to refuse to provide us with the goods.  However, their reason for cancelling our order is deplorable; hence we have no compunction in naming and shaming them.

Froma Sacks
Executive and Administrative Coordinator
South African Zionist Federation
Tel : (011) 645-2505
Fax: (011) 640-6758

PM slams UNESCO calling Rachel's Tomb a mosque

Government attacks cultural body's request that Israel remove Rachel's Tomb, Cave of the Patriarchs from list of national heritage sites.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday slammed world culture organization UNESCO's decision to characterize the site of Rachel's Tomb as a Muslim mosque.

"The attempt to separate the nation of Israel from its cultural heritage is absurd," said the prime minister.

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'Rachel's Tomb was never Jewish'

A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office read, "It is unfortunate that an organization that was established with the goal of promoting the cultural preservation of historical sites around the world, is attempting due to political reasons to uproot the connection between the nation of Israel and its cultural heritage."

The PMO's statement came in response to a report publicized by UNESCO that referred to Rachel's Tomb as a mosque and requested that Israel remove Rachel's Tomb -near the West Bank city of Bethlehem - and the Cave of the Patriarchs - in Hebron- from the Israeli list of national heritage sites.

UNESCO's requests comes after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in March, according to Saudi paper Al Wattan, claimed that the al-Aksa Mosque, the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb “were not and never will be Jewish sites, but Islamic sites.”

Erdogan was referring to Israel’s inclusion of the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb on its national heritage list at the beginning of the year, but it was unclear why he mentioned the Aksa Mosque, since that site was not included.